The most beautiful car in the world

I finally got around to taking a photo of my favorite car in the world — a white Scion I constantly see parked around the neighborhood. Nothing unique about a Scion in San Francisco, but this one stands out by virtue of basically being a mobile shrine to the Little Purple Wonder. Yes, it is an automotive monument to Prince.

San Francisco, you are great.

9 thoughts on “The most beautiful car in the world

  1. Now if that were a little Red Corvette with all that on it I would truly be impressed.

  2. Aw dammit that was me. What a dumb-o. I guess since I have to post again I’ll say that Dirty Mind is my favorite Prince album.

  3. Oh good the comment I made accidentally without putting in a name is gone now. This just keep getting worse and worse.


  4. Who’s ecnirp?

    WAIT that’s Prince backwards. They really do heart Prince.

  5. Yeah, you know how an ambulance usually has “ambulance” written backwards across its hood…?

  6. I am surprised no one has made a reference to the ‘Yes’ tag right below the Scion logo. I love Prince, but overlooking that band makes me the owner of a lonely heart.

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