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What’s this? A Chrono Trigger remake for DS? Well, there’s only one thing to say about that:

Yep, I totally made this happen, just like I did with Mega Man 9 and Wario Land: Shake It. Time for me to bask in the glory–

What? Oh, yeah… sorry. I cheated. I’ve known about the DS remake for a while, so I was actually making a prediction based on insider info. This makes me the Martha Stewart of the video game press, doesn’t it? I’m so ashamed.

Still, a Chrono Trigger portable remake. Pretty cool. Not as cool as a sequel would be, though. The more I think about it, the more it annoys me that they’re dredging up a 13-year-old game as a full-priced release rather than just putting it on Virtual Console as a prelude to a continuation of the franchise. I’m not alone in this; Queen Zeal has a message for Square Enix, too:

Dude, she totally flipped them the bird.

Maybe it’s not too late, though. Maybe I can put my phenomenal mind powers to work to make the sequel a reality instead. Hrrrrhghh… concentrating… gnargh… Chrono Break!

Dang. Ah well, at least I tried.

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  1. I love Chrono Trigger but I don’t know a single hardcore gamer that hasn’t beaten this game at least twice. Maybe this is a prelude to bigger and better things in the Chrono universe.

  2. y’know, maybe it’s the fact that I stopped playing JRPGs shortly thereafter, but I don’t really think that a Chrono Trigger sequel is a thing that NEEDS to exist. There’s not really a big open question mark in the story that begs to be answered, there isn’t really anything particularly unique about the mechanics that hasn’t perpetuated across the genre so that it’s no longer unique…

    I mean, I’d say wanting a Chrono Trigger sequel means you just want a JRPG with time travel and Akira Toriyama art but Chrono Cross didn’t even have that. WHAT IS A CHRONO TRIGGER SEQUEL SUPPSOED TO BE, ANYWAY!?

  3. I’ve never really got what was so great about this series to be honest. The whole silent main character thing should of ended in the NES days.

    Alot of people give that Masato Kato guy flack for his post Chrono Cross scenario work, but I don;t think Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross in terms of story was all that great either.

  4. Sequel = something that recaptures the spirit, accessibility and breezy mechanics of the game. Not a story sequel. That would be silly.

  5. I’ve blindly bought al the FF remakes, but this must be where I draw the line. I already own the original and the PS1 version; I see no need to spend $30-40 for an extra dungeon or something.

    Still, I’m a bit excited to see what this could all mean! As in, a possible sequel…?

  6. Perhaps they’re trying to grab new fans before putting out the sequel?

  7. I honestly think a lot of game developers must listen to Retronauts. Either that, or you were genetically blessed with psychic and telekenetic abilities.

    Does it rain when you cry??

  8. Hmm… wait a minute…


    The page you link to has you trying to influence an announcement on Chrono Break, not Chrono Trigger.

  9. Yay!

    Let’s pray that they don’t take a page from Chrono Trigger SNES and charge more than 40$ for this game.

  10. I’ve never beaten chrono Trigger. Not all of us had SNES’s.

    So I shall play this game, and learn what everybody’s been freaking out about over the last god-knows-how-many years.

  11. Of course my browser decided to leave out my name on that long post. Oh well.

  12. Gah! My post disappeared after I added my second comment about my name. In case anyone cares what I said:

    Well I can’t really say I’m surprised given Square Enix’s eagerness to rehash so many old games. My brother called me up really excited, since he never owned his own copy (he just played mine). I was initially sort of stoked about it. Then as I thought about it I have to agree with what parish and others have said, “well that’s nice, but why not just release it for virtual console or PSN?” It will need to have a lot more content for me to consider dropping $40 on a game I have already purchased twice (and still would own both if someone hadn’t stolen my SNES copy). Admittedly I’m guessing on the $40 price tag, but new Square Enix DS games seem to get priced at that point. This price is even more ridiculous when you consider that the last time Square released this game in the USA it also clocked in at a $40 price tag (under a stronger US dollar in 2001 and even had a $20 Greatest Hits version release) and came with Final Fantasy 4. So yeah…I wanted to be excited, but thinking about it like kills any enthusiasm I had (plus can anyone think of a GOOD way they could introduce stylus elements to the game? Pointless touching controls FTW!).

    I will however say that I am glad that a new generation of fans may get the opportunity to play such a fantastic game!

  13. Here’s my prediction: Chrono Trigger DS (slightly augmented re-release) sells really well, and just over a year later Squeenix will announce a Chrono Trigger remake for PSP with a polygonal engine and completely different additional bonus content.

  14. re: Josh_AnimeBum

    I don’t think that’s what Parish said at all.

    re: CTDS


  15. Actually, I look forward to this. I tried playing a ROM of Chrono Trigger a few years back and never managed to finish it; I’d missed the game when it was originally on console. Since the only gaming device I currently own outside of my computer is a DS, this means I would actually have a chance to play it.

  16. Maybe if you keep mentioning it, some Square-Enix staff member, who coincidentally is a Gamespite reader, will catch on.

  17. Know what’d be neat? If MM9 convinced Square to make a sequel to CT in the style of the original.

  18. How many hardcore gamers haven’t played Chrono Trigger? Let’s start with “most of Europe” and go from there. Square games rarely made it to Europe – the only one I can think of that did is Mystic Quest.

  19. Mystic Quest!? Man, I’m feel sorry for you. I never really complain much about releases in America anymore, specifically for that reason.

  20. Chrono Trigger’s existence is not exactly forbidden knowledge to an entire continent which, believe it or not, has access to the same internet as America. If any ‘hardcore’ gamer really wanted to play Chrono Trigger he’s had ample opportunity to do so for the last ten years.

    PS. Secret of Mana was released in Europe.
    PPS. Mystic Quest is awesome.

  21. Yeah, I liked Mystic Quest. On-topic, Chrono Trigger’s atmosphere made up more of the game than anything for me, but I think it was one of those accidental atmospheres… Those map tile artists and map designers were what made that game for me, though! And the soundtrack, of course, which also influenced the atmosphere.

  22. If they do a sequel they should try to get back Kitase. He was one of the 3 directors of Chrono Trigger!

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