I sweat the foul terrain

It only took a year after we recorded a Diablo-based episode of Retronauts and everyone seemed convinced that a sequel was due any moment now, but Blizzard has finally announced that Diablo III is in the works. This is very exciting! Or it would be, if I’d ever played Diablo — which, you’ll be sad to know, is a shortcoming I still haven’t rectified since we recorded that podcast. I feel sort of left out of the excitement, to be honest. Looks like we have a Fun Club RPG selection for August, wot?

What does make me happy is that I’ve managed to stick to that exercise plan I kicked off last week. Twelve days in a row I’ve forced myself to climb on that torture device and pedal like mad, to the point that I’ve even developed a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with it. I actually look forward to getting home from work and abusing myself for half an hour or so. It’s the sole highlight of my day. I can’t control the fact that I’m selling off just about everything I own so my girlfriend and I can afford food while she’s looking for work, and I can’t control the fact that I’m superfluous at work, but by god I can make myself sweat profusely for thirty minutes. I don’t feel like I’m much healthier just yet, but at least the endorphin rush offers me a brief respite from the drudgery of existence. So that’s good, in a futile sort of way.

11 thoughts on “I sweat the foul terrain

  1. You can tell it’s a Blizzard game from the MASSIVE SHOULDERPADS.

    Would the Fun Club selection be the original Diablo or its sequel? I’ve been meaning to finish the latter for some time, and wouldn’t mind the excuse.

  2. I’m enjoying the Diablo 3 news not because I’m a fan of the series (I’ve never played them, either) but because it means Blizzard is doing something that doesn’t have Craft in the title. The only way this could get better is with a Lost Vikings for DS announcement, but Blizzard is reluctant to follow that franchise, even though they still acknowledge it (there are references to the series littered throughout World of Warcraft).

  3. Good going on the exercise routine – Have you lost any lbs yet? I lost about 40 lbs a couple years ago by just keeping mindful of my calorie intake and the amount of calories I burn off per day. The good thing about being lighter is that your body requires fewer calories to feel satiated (and to maintain your weight). Hunger is a good indicator if you’re getting fewer calories than you consume (considering you’re eating healthy foods) – but don’t restrict calories too much or you’ll sacrifice muscle in the process. Awesome work for keeping up with this. Good luck.

  4. Feeling superfluous at work? You’re bound to become upper management any day now.

    Don’t forget the little people.

  5. It’s strange, I’ve only played Diablo 2, and didn’t care too much for it (or PC games in general), but Blizzard is brilliant… this whole tease and then reveal thing had even me anxious to see what it was…. and then, when it turns out to be Diablo III, I thought, “Cool!”

    And then it hits me that I don’t even care about this.

    I had never been so anxious to hear an announcement about something I knew I didn’t even care about.

  6. What are you talking about, superfluous? Aren’t you now Senior Editor of Debating Shane Betenhausen When He Spouts Crazy Bullshit?!?

    That’s a full time job if I ever heard one.

  7. So to sum it up – food is good, life is bad, and working out is good and bad?

  8. Constantine:
    Wait for them to rename it DiabloCraft. We’ll see who’s laughing then!

  9. Try convincing people you are Super-perfluous, it may not bring you much self worth but it does sound beefier. And the whole exercise thing takes months to show. I’d recommend keeping the sweat in jars.

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