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I was overcome by a wave of complete insanity yesterday once the Mega Man 9 news hit and immediately decided to replay the series myself. Then I realized that I don’t have the time for anything that fun, so instead I’m going to live vicariously through you with a group of Talking Time Fun Club threads. Please play these games and talk about them so I can pretend I still have the time and freedom do things I enjoy:

22 thoughts on “Clubbing fun

  1. who here taped (yes taped) the mm2 soundtrack, not by using RCA patch cables, but by holding up their awful cassette recorder next to the tv speaker? i did! i wish i had the tape. tons of summer 1989 background noise was on that piece of plastic.

  2. Never did that, but I did mention in a recent Retronauts how some friends and I used the Ninja Gaiden sound test as background music for tape-recorded “radio plays” we would write and perform.

  3. Aw, man… I was expecting a (fake) announcement of Chrono Break from you, Parish!

    @matt… I hadn’t thought of it when the Mega Man games had come out, but it was through that very method that I did obtain my Chrono Trigger Soundtrack.

  4. Lineouts from the NES into a TI994/A cassette recorder made a fantastic MM3 soundtrack for my car. Printed a label from my Apple //c and everything.

    When I found out that video gme soundtracks actually existed – on compact disc no less – my mind was blown.

  5. I did.
    I taped most of the music I liked from games so I could hear it anytime I wanted without having to play the games. I still have them hehe.
    Ahh the good old days before mp3s.

  6. Yeah I taped the soundtracks to Mario3, TMNT2, and Mega Man 3 for NES. Then I would listen to the tapes hours on end into the night. Put the tape recorder right beside the tv and pressed record. I had no idea other people did that. Suddenly I don’t feel so unique anymore.

  7. I would play the games and then let them idle on songs I liked when i wanted to hear game music.

    I’m all about manual baby.

  8. I just started Maverick Hunter X for PSP today. Talk about Mega Mania!

    Fuck Boomerang Keranger. Seriously.

  9. Man, I envy all the over-time you must get paid for spending all your free time playing games for work. You must be a billionaire!

  10. /sarcasm. Stupid 1up keeping Jeremy from playing the games he wants. >:|

    I used to use my parents camcorder to record the endings of games I finished.

    I also used to have a special on Super Mario Bros. 3 on VHS and I wore the tape out watching it. Howard (aka the dude with the bow-tie) was on it!

  11. It’s not so much 1UP keeping me from playing what I want as it is the whole of my existence keeping me from doing anything I enjoy.

    The pic above from MM2 is really a beautiful piece of bitmap art, isn’t it? The bold red fish against the deep blue, outlined and highlighted in black and white — it’s really a high point of 8-bit visual design.

  12. So is there going to be a Megaman Retronauts? Or did I somehow totally miss that one? I think I remember a Retronauts Bonus Stage about Megaman 2, though I could be totally out of it.

  13. I think Bubble Man got his degree in interior design. Just like Metal Man went to trade school to make conveyor belts and Heat Man and Quick Man were rivals at MIT working on teleportation and LASERs respectively.

  14. Similarly to your music selection for radio plays, my friend and I would craft stories around the weapons in the Zelda series. We were dreadful nerds….

  15. Oh man, that Mega Man Retronauts was good times.

    GOOD TIMES! My next big road trip, I’m going to go through all the Retronauts again from the beginning.

  16. I used to let MM3 stay on the title screen all day long so I could listen to the music while I did other things.

    To this day I’m still not tired of it.

    Also, Mega Man 3 and Mega Man X have the BEST BEST BEST password music of ANY game.
    And Castlevania 2 has the scariest one!

  17. I finally break down and get an HDTV, and these’ll most likely be the first games I play. That, or Symphony of the Night (I don’t have a real 360 game to my name, anymore). I’m sure it’s going to be taken from me on principle.

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