Looks… delicious?

Nich just sent me the following image:

Ha! Ha! I thought. It’s the lolcat sequel to Ping Pals, I thought, the only possible way to make that needless game even more unnecessary!

No, he said. Read it carefully.

So I di–wh, what?

So apparently they’ve made a video game out of Catloaf? That’s awesome. But it does make me wonder, what would kitten breads taste like? My girlfriend is Vietnamese, so all we ever eat around here is dog.

(Disclaimer for those with a stick up their bum: My girlfriend doesn’t actually eat dog. It is a joke she and her cousins make constantly. They also make fun of me for being white! OK? Now remove that stick. And, uh, wash it carefully. Do you know where that thing’s been?)

18 thoughts on “Looks… delicious?

  1. I must admit I cringed a bit at the dog-eating reference, but I can appreciate a good in-joke :)

    I was just wondering whether the kittens are ground up into a fine powder and put in the bread. Or if the bread had little chunks of kitten strewn throughout it, like in raisin toast.

  2. I think a stick like that, you throw away.

    My sister-in-law’s boyfriend is also Vietnamese, and he makes dog-eating jokes all the damn time. He also hates chocolate and comedy.

  3. Truth be told, I had never associated dog-eating with Vietnam until I met them. They were yukking it up the other day at lunch, in fact. As we ate pork.

  4. The people who make the most dog-eating comments seem to be actual Koreans and Vietnamese. They do this because people actually eat dog over there. I think they’re half-ashamed, looking at it from their American viewpoint, and half-proud that their culture is unique and different. This confusion leads them to the only thing left: joke about it!


    I’ve been waiting for Nekopan: The Game for so long. FINALLY MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE.

  5. I have friends in South Korea right now who have eaten dog during their stay there. After the initial shock wore off, they don’t really give it much thought. Dog ownership and the reverence therein is mostly a western thing, so they adapted to the culture. They don’t kill dogs for fun, but they’re not freaked out by the prospect.

  6. When I worked at a Chinese Restaurant we got prank calls asking if we sold “kitty cat” every couple weeks or so. It was “hilarious.”

  7. I must say it’s fairly impressive that there was a representative picture (or gif) of catbread already out there. Though a quick Google search of the word “catbread” brings up 11,000 hits, so I feel once again the immense need to just turn off the internet.

  8. Pigs are pretty smart and we eat them like ain’t no thing. Cultural bias is the only reason we feel so different about dogs, and knowing that, I would consider tasting dog meat if I was vacationing in Vietnam (which I might be in early ’09). I mean, when the hell else would I get the chance to try that in life? And it’s not like a dog will uncook itself, come back to life, and play fetch with me if I don’t eat it.

    When I was in Norway I tasted whale meat. It was pretty gross. Rich and chalky-tasting, like liver.

  9. Hey, cool! I’ve been driving without insurance for the longest time, I just never knew where to buy some!

  10. I’ll take a Quarter Pounder of Dog Meat w/ Cheese on my Cat Bread thank you!

  11. Behind every successful Vietnamese restaurant is a failed veterinarian.

    Alternately, when the Chinese joint around the corner closed down for questionable reasons (and the awkward laughter of the clerks at their franchise location tells me it won’t be re-opening), I saw a cat hanging around the kitchen entrance. I told my brother, “See? The local animals grow fearless.”

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