In horror, I say

I was sort of hoping that the big Microsoft RPG conference that happened last night in Japan would include a tearful confession from Square Enix that the only way they can make Final Fantasy XIII even close to being profitable is to exploit “Crystal Tools” and publish the game simultaneously on PS3 and XBox 360. No such luck! So we’re robbed of the spectacle of the Internet’s low rumble of needless, bipartisan system advocacy flaring violently into a full-on conflagration, and other such mixed metaphors.

However, the resulting news still included a nugget that’s almost as good: Star Ocean 4, subtitled The Last Hope, will debut on Xbox 360 — perhaps exclusively? I wonder if this means the Xbox-averse Japanese gamers who love all things Star Ocean will find themselves compelled to chomp hard on that bullet and buy a system, or if they’ll write off the series as dead for betraying them. Probably the latter. Nerds do tend to take corporate business decisions rather personally.

“Last Hope” was, of course, the subtitle of Torneko’s second Mystery Dungeon adventure. I’m hoping this means SO4 will be eschewing the tired, played-out, bog-standard Tri-Ace battle system in favor of a roguelike style. That would be brilliant… by which I mean it would further infuriate an already enraged fanbase. You go, Enix.

12 thoughts on “In horror, I say

  1. Wow, those characters look like they just walked out of a 1998 Squaresoft game. How do you say generic in Japanese?

  2. Who cut off girl-Cloud’s spikes? These characters better have some fucking ridiculous names to make up for their blander-than-bland outward appearance.

  3. I thought the nerds were crapping because a maniac was driving towards them in a big truck.

  4. “find themselves compelled to chomp hard on that bullet and buy a system, of if they’ll write off the series as dead for betraying them.” – “or if”

  5. Way to double dip with your 1UP blog :P

    I commented there, but the only point I’ll make is this: Is SO4 were to be exclusive, don’t you think they would have been touting that?

  6. It’s not so much “double-dipping” as “we were told to blog more frequently.” But I can’t save an unpublished, partially-written blog in 1UP’s backend like I can here, so I compose here and paste there.

  7. I read the word balloons and thought this blog entry was going to talk about the brown note.

    I don’t know whether to feel disappointed or not.

  8. “There’s something… terrifying about the green-eyed blond guy.”

    Probably the fact he has pouty lips and is more feminine than the, uh, friend beside him (after the blond guy, I can’t be sure of anyone’s gender anymore.)

    The word balloons gave me a hearty laff, tho’.

  9. No love for the rest of the RPG titles like Tales & the oddly-titled Infinite Undiscovery?

    Seriously, what’s up with Cloud and his new haircut in the pic?

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