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I cannot comment on the claims made in this post.

At least not until June 10, anyway. After that, though….

Edit: On a related but much lighter note, here are this week’s MGS4 previews: A not-entirely-helpful rundown of the story to date and a really detailed breakdown of the gameplay elements essential to stealth. They’re pretty decent, but next week’s content will be even better… I hope?

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  1. Looks like the ridiculous embargo pressures are finally getting on people’s nerves. Or is it just the “one-two punch” of GTA4 and MGS4 in such a (relatively) short period of time that drove people past their boiling points?

  2. 90 minute cutscenes, man.

    Apparently, “Metal Gear” suddenly became “Xenogears” when we weren’t looking.

  3. Come on sir, where is the 1up validation? I need reassurance of my deep love for this franchise!

  4. That post you made recently, about the relationship between publishers and the press, etc. etc….

    It all makes a lot more sense now. This sounds pretty frustrating, and who knows what else is being specifically covered up in pre-release reviews.

  5. Kind of runs with the theme of Metal Gear Solid for there to be some sort of big coverup related to it.

  6. Konami already lost my sale when they tacked a $100+ nerd tax on that PS3 bundle. I know when fanboys are being gouged, and it doesn’t sit well with me.

  7. Huh? $100 nerd tax? Wasn’t the 80GB PS3 always $100 more than the 40GB PS3 (which right now is still retailing for $399) when it was still being sold? I.E., isn’t Konami actually giving you the game for free (compared to a hypothetical naked 80GB PS3)?

  8. I never thought that “plausible deniability” could one day be applied to video games.

  9. “Konami already lost my sale when they tacked a $100+ nerd tax on that PS3 bundle. I know when fanboys are being gouged, and it doesn’t sit well with me.”

    Yeah, it really sucks how the game is only available in that bundle and everyone has to buy an extra PS3 to play it.

  10. Man, I’m looking forward to 90 minute cut scenes. They’re the best part. I know this is the internet and all, but I am absolutely serious. I’d have finished MGS3 by now if all I had to do was watch.

  11. Well I figured it was probably an exaggeration, or at worst something like the final scene or whatever. In any case, I say bring on the cutscenes, whatever the length. Or girth.

  12. Okay, I spotted a Raiders of the Lost Ark reference, and a Princess Bride reference, and that’s pretty wild considering I watched both of those movies within the last two days.

  13. “I couldn’t even begin to imagine what you’re talking about, I’m sure.”

    Yeah, I was kinda sorta awfully distracted when I wrote that. I have no idea what I was going on about, either.

  14. You even put an Indiana reference in the history-revision? I honestly groaned.
    At least I now know ‘hirsute’. Wonderful.
    It’s obviously quite difficult to write all this stuff ignoring what you know from playing it. I hope this ‘experience’ doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth when it comes to MGS4, if it does, I don’t blame you.

  15. I can only imagine the how much of a pain in the ass it must be having to write about a game and not being able to really say anything. On the other hand, this really works in my favor as a person who has decided to go into a media blackout until the game launches.

  16. Actually, it was a sort of amusing game for me to see how well I could put myself in a pre-MGS4-review-session mindset. I think I did OK! Incidentally, all of this stuff (and everything going up over the next two weeks) was written a couple of weeks ago! I went on this crazy Metal Gear writing bender and cleared out all of these previews as quickly as I could. And the review, too… it was written May 8. Thanks to the magic of embargoes and whatnot, it will have sat in the queue for more than a month when it is finally published. Ah, whimsy.

  17. That’s brilliant! Unfortunately, I won’t be reading anything on the game until after it launches (seriously, I don’t want to know anything else no matter how minor), but I promise to read it later, cause I know how much Ziff Davis overlords need clicks to feed off of (and by proxy feed you).

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