You call this archaeology?

By the time this post goes live, a new episode of Retronauts should be available. If not, uh, try back later.

If you want to hear straight, informative talk about games based on the Indiana Jones movies and the NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy, you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you wish to hear a bunch of guys making dumb jokes at each other while ostensibly talking about games based on the Indiana Jones movies and the NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy, you’re in luck! This episode is probably the least effective we’ve ever recorded at fulfilling our task of being informed and game-literate. However, it is also very funny. So I guess your feelings on its quality will vary according to your personal priorities.

11 thoughts on “You call this archaeology?

  1. I enjoyed this new, bold, Dada-esque direction of Retronauts. It may have been too ambitious to have almost no notes prepared beforehand, but better to reach for the stars and fall short than spend another week without Kohler’s acerbic wit.

    Also, I just watched the Jones trilogy over the weekend, and — damn. Two of the three films are still remarkably entertaining, and a great reminder at how much we’ve lost with CG. Why would I want to see that truck chase in Raiders with phony looking cars (inevitably GM or Toyota or some anachronism shoved in there for the cross-promotion product placement) superimposed on an animated background ?

  2. YES! My ol’ lady has been buggin’ out about the lack of retronauts. As far as Indy games go, I just dusted off the SNES game based on the trilogy and it’s pretty decent, although SORELY missing the directional whipping of Castlevania 4, especially in parts where you’re walking downhill and there are bad guys running up at you…

  3. Another quality episode. Retronauts has gotten me through the work day many a time. Keep up the good work Parish.

  4. I am about to listen to this during my evening peregrinations. Who listens to Retronauts to be informed? That’s what I’m in grad school for. As far as videogame-related malarkey goes, I want to have fun. Which this show reliably provides. Cheers!

  5. I know you won’t really be offended when I say this is the Temple of Doom of retronauts. Never before has there been a podcast where so few people had played any of the games discussed. Maestro, I say right on.

  6. Vaterite sorta makes a cogent point. But what the hell; it was still fun.

    I was interested to learn that the third SCUMM game was canceled due to Germany’s Hitler-related concerns. What’s the exact rule? Because he was totally in Last Crusade. You could punch him in the face, but that was an automatic game over. Instead, you would be well-advised to give him the copy of Mein Kampf that you may have found in the Venice library. He’ll sign it for you and then you can use it to bribe a guard later on. Good times!

  7. Listened to it. I can’t believe that Taito Indy game is super rare. o-o I got it for my birthday one year and beat it multiple times. It was a pretty shitty game, but I didn’t really care or know the difference back then. I can’t believe I sold it now. :P

  8. Parish you missed the Indiana Jones Trilogy for SNES which is so totally awesome.

  9. Insurance you say? Thanks, but I’m busy with my penis enlargement contraptions.

  10. And now my previous comment is out of context. Anyway, I’ll check the podcast later, thanks.

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