GameSpite Issue 7.2: The all-ducks episode

You wouldn’t think there’s too much in common between a fuzzy-looking N64 falling-block puzzler and an early PlayStation 2 role-playing game, but you’d be wrong! Because those games are Wetrix and Suikoden III, and they are all about ducks. Be it large, humanoid ducks waging war or little floaty rubber ducks bobbing about on the surface of a puzzle field, it is all about ducks this week.

Mmm, duck. Man, suddenly I could go for some Chinese.

Suikoden III
Contributor Kirin kicks off the Suikoden series hub page with a 21-paragraph salute to the third game in the series. (Disclaimer: May not be exactly 21 paragraphs.) The hub is bare except for this and that Luca Blight thing from last year, but just you wait until I find time to write a thesis on Suikoden II’s brilliance.

I met the author of this article, wumpwoast, a couple of weeks ago. In very little time one truth became intensely evident: This is a man who really loves Wetrix. I think that wild-eyed enthusiasm comes through clearly in this article. Lock up your daughters.

10 thoughts on “GameSpite Issue 7.2: The all-ducks episode

  1. I had vegetarian duck (Seitan) the weekend before last with my family. Even that is oh so good.

    ALSO: I shall purchase whatever mind-enhancing drugs that allow you to eke even more out of my writing than my countless read-throughs and spot-revisions. That’s not the spice you’ve been eating? Mmm… Arrakis spicy duck. (holy **** call Wolfgang Puck)

  2. Is it sad that my first reaction upon seeing the pictures in the Suikoden III articles was, “Wow! These women are all reasonably dressed.”

  3. RH: Yes, another bonus of the Suikoden character designs is that the bulk of them are interesting without being incredibly stupid. Though, with 108 characters to play with, you’ve got enough to please everybody, so you can still find some nice S&M leather and so on in the series if you look around for it.

    Also, I apologize for not managing to work any of the ducks into the article illustrations. Ah well.

  4. I’ve only read the Suikoden III manga, which I really enjoyed, so I’ll check that out..

  5. I agree completely with the sentiment that SIII’s roster is overall the best. There’s a lot of interesting new characters, and even though there’s little fan service/returning characters, there’s just enough of it that it should keep people happy. Futch! Viki! Jeane! Star Dragon Sword! Freed Y/Yoshino’s daughter! The Maximilian Knights! Lucia!

    Also, you forgot to mention how creepy Kenji is. I hope I never see that pudgy bastard ever again.

  6. I once played Wetrix moments after dropping acid. I woke up naked in Mexico two weeks later.

    I still don’t know what the hell happened….

  7. Ah, Suikoden III. The game that I inexplicably spent something like 130 hours playing. My favorite were the Thomas sections. They had a nice, low-key feeling that worked for me. I also liked Aila and that creepy bird-dude and grown-up Apple and Caesar, who I think should have hooked up. Just the last two, that is. Let’s not get carried away. Also: the theatre mini-game was all kinds of awesome.

    Then I skipped Suikoden IV because everyone hated it and I played V but wasn’t all that impressed and that was about IT for me, Suikoden-wise. Which is too bad, as at one point it was about my favorite thing ever.

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