Zanzibarland of confusion

I found an odd image at this Metal Gear fan site: The interior view of Solid Snake’s polygon model from Sons of Liberty.

Apparently inside of Snake is… Phil Collins in a fedora. For some reason I’d always imagined he was made of sterner stuff.

14 thoughts on “Zanzibarland of confusion

  1. …Because the hooooook brings you baaaaack – I ain’t tellin you no lieeeee.

  2. It looks like two Snake faces collided. Marc’s answer works too.

    By the way , Parish, I just read your most recent 1up blog. You intentionally kept that “Personal Website” link on your blog away from Gamespite, eh? People seem to have responded favorably, if somewhat confusingly to it. My two cents on the matter would be to put a half-page or one-page Gamespite-style article on an older game with a current game for an upcoming EGM (ex: a shortened version of one of your MGS articles with the MGS4 review). Alternatively, you can mention the article in EGM by a particular game. Compare and contrast the traffic and go from there.

  3. The unwrapped skin bitmaps for the Little Sisters from BioShock are much higher-octane nightmare fuel than that.

  4. The original True Crime on the Xbox had an interesting bug that meant you could rotate that camera through the backs of pedestrians’ heads and see a similarly grotesque thing as above.

  5. I can see how both sides are basically mirrored, and even understanding this, I am scared beyond all reason. Oh, David…

  6. “Looks more like the villain from Raiders of the Lost Ark to me.” Is that pre- or post-ark?

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