The nicest of the damned

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You know, I watched the Indiana Jones trilogy again a few weeks ago and was surprised to realize that Dr. Octopus was the conniving sherpa responsible for trying to abscond with the idol in exchange for an empty promise of the whip. Oddly enough, Spider-man and Indiana Jones is probably the one “please never let it happen” crossover that could actually work. They’re both swingers, you see.
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Another week, another milquetoast refusal to commit to any single game as pick of the week. Spineless columnists! From hell’s heart, I blog at thee! Me, I’m calling it for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, if for no other reason than admiration for Square’s willingness to completely deconstruct the genre that serves as their meal ticket.

18 thoughts on “The nicest of the damned

  1. Yeah, so Mad Money is not about what you said was. It’s about stealing money from the Fed Reserve that’s about to be destroyed.

  2. Yeah, VsRobot. A mistake like that makes me wonder where you went on your last holiday.

  3. Clearly, he didn’t go to a terrible Queen Latifah movie. Which makes this error totally defensible. I worry more about people who can differentiate between her movies without a reference.

  4. That thumbnail for Luminous Arc makes it look like the witch is pensively cupping and contemplating her own bosoms. I am amused by this.

    “I could have sworn I went out today with a bra on…”

  5. Indiana Jones is great and everything, but a box set of a series right before another entry comes out does not seem like the best way to spend money (in a dying format, no less!)

  6. Indiana Jones, pfft, I like him better when he was called Allan Quatermain and wasn’t retarded.

  7. I’m glad you didn’t make any jokes about the working title of “The Great Debaters” being “The Master Debaters”.

    Because that left it for me to do.

  8. Does Shinobi count as a game-to-movie adaptation? Because it seems like it might be good.

  9. Hey, in my defense, my brain is stupid and while it can’t remember anything useful, it remembers plots to movies and shows, even if I’ve never seen them.

    And I had to look on IMDB what the plot was, I just knew it wasn’t what he said.

  10. Ah, the great Alfred Molina! I’ve often said that if they ever made a movie about my life, I’d want him to play me. Nothing, not even Doc Ock, tops his performance as Rahad Jackson (the eccentric drug dealer) in Boogie Nights, though.

  11. I teach at Wiley College, the school portrayed in The Great Debaters. Marshall, Texas, on the so-called “green side” of the state. Great school, to be honest.

  12. Mad Money? Darn, I was hoping to start watching Jim Cramer’s show on DVD. And Defend Your Castle is a fun $5 fling. For some reason when I played it I thought it was made by the Homestar Runner guys.

  13. “I worry more about people who can differentiate between [Queen Latifah’s] movies without a reference.” Let me set the record straight:
    The only knowledge I have of either of those movies is from seeing the trailers on TV. I had to look on IMDB and wikipedia to even remember the name of the other movie. So please don’t think I actually spent my hard-earned money watching either of those pieces of crap.

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