GameSpite Issue 7.1: What never was, and never should have been

Now printing: The Seventh delicious issue of GameSpite. I was hoping to have a bit extra content in this first portion, but I’m pretty burnt out after the past week’s ups and downs. So you only get two articles today, plus a hub page. But at least they are interesting:

I tend not to think of Battletoads as a video game but rather as an exquisitely-designed Skinner box to teach kids to hate games. Every playthrough is like receiving a vicious electric shock. And clearly, contributor CynicalValkyrie agrees, because now she associates games with suffering.
The (Almost) Making of Mythri, Pt. 1
Those of you who’ve been around for a while may recall an American-developed RPG for Game Boy Color called Mythri which, for various reasons, never came to fruition. Now that the game’s director is a big-shot pro developer, he’s penned a multi-part trip down memory lane to look at what almost was. (Also features a high-tech hub page!)

9 thoughts on “GameSpite Issue 7.1: What never was, and never should have been

  1. I have a friend who couldn’t even beat Battletoads with a stage map and save states. I hate that game so much.

  2. Add Mythri to the list of RPGs for the GBA that I’ll never play. Thanks Tomm, now can you also shit in a hat and tell me it’s a soup bowl?

  3. Wow, the Mythri article really just kinda blew me away. VH1 Behind the music style baby! I remember reading about the game way way back on rpgamer

    Every one of us set around in high school/middle school dreaming up a game we were going to make, TOMM actually had the drive and balls/perseveranceto go out and attempt it – from everything I know, he got pretty far down the line too.

    Craving the next ones. Can we have a fun little Q&A session after it all wraps up?

  4. Never heard of Mythri but sounds interesting. Is there like a ROM or something?

  5. Interesting review of Battletoads. I always knew the game was hard, but as a child, I sort of blamed myself for that. After all my friend could regular get as far as the pipe level, while I may have beaten the speeder bike section once. Although, I’m pretty sure in those good old NES days, we didn’t expect to beat any game that didn’t have Mario in the title.

  6. I beat Battletoads when I was a wee tot, and even then, I appreciated what an elating accomplishment it was. If I played it for the first time today, I doubt I’d like it, but as a nostalgic little thing, I love it. I played a couple of months ago on my buddy’s NES, and to the shock of my friends and myself, I got played through the Snake level, losing maybe two lives all in all. If we didn’t have a movie to catch I probably coulda beaten the thing. (Well, maybe not the swirly ball level…)

  7. I’m emulating Battletoads and I can’t even beat that damn speederbike level with save-states.

    Now that’s sad….

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