Oh, why hello there

Yes, as a matter of fact I am stuck at LAX for the next five hours. At least! That’s assuming no flight delays, a very ludicrous assumption to make in this not-so-gilded age of air travel. One might wonder why I don’t simply switch to an earlier flight; one might be surprised to discover that the airline on which my flight was booked has a grand total of one LAX-to-SFO flight each day. It is simply the final indignity in a trip that has been characterized by inconveniences and annoyances at every turn.

Fortunately, the core reason for my being here wasn’t so bad. Oh, and I guess having dinner with Tomm Hulett wasn’t so awful, either.

But really, at this point I’m almost tempted to rent a car and just drive back home — I’d probably be there before our scheduled flight even leaves. Of course, the cost of gas would plunge me right back into poverty. No-win situations are the best.

11 thoughts on “Oh, why hello there

  1. Depending on traffic, you’d make it back in about 7-8 hours. Given the stress from traffic, foot fatigue, and inability to play videogames, I’d say that flying is a better option. But you could probably rendezvous with at least 5 Talking Time cohorts in the process of the drive, so it goes either way.

    Are you getting a free ticket at least? Or are you just royally screwed?

  2. You may as well upgrade to first class for what the gas would probably cost you. And have you been on the 5 during rush hour? You might not get out of LA before your flight leaves.

  3. That sucks :( Here’s hoping SF isn’t too foggy to land when you are finally in the air…

  4. Can you at least tell us why you were in LA? Does it have anything to do with secret gaming news?

  5. It could be worse. I was stuck in a Pepboy’s automotive store for 4 hours today just so they could mess my brakes up and tell me I’ll have to come back tomorrow to actually get it fixed. :(

    Hope you have a good flight.

  6. May be a little late now, but why not substitute a place ticket for a bus ticket? Just like driving back, except that you can now play DS the whole way back (well, if you’d had a charged DS – don’t you pack a DS charger for these trips?)

  7. We flew out of LAX because it’s cheaper and was about five minutes from where we were doing business, I guess? We actually did look at Amtrak, but the trip is an inexplicable ten hours. (!?) I’ve made the drive in six. No wonder America thinks rail transit is a joke.

  8. No, seriously. Amtrak’s retarded U-shaped map in Southern California can make a 2 hour car drive last 8 hours or more.

    Man, I hate it down there.

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