Where is Padme?

I know the final Vader scene of Episode III is supposed to be heartwrenching, and I know the acting and directing make it unintentionally comical. But for me, I’ve always been struck by how much the question “Where is Padme?” sounds like the name of a children’s book.

Episode III: Thumbnail Theatre, Part 3
Where is Padme? Is she in disguise as a retainer? No! Where is Padme? Is she sneaking into Anakin’s bed again? Not tonight! Where is Padme? Oh, there she is — lying dead of heartbreak. Yay, you found her!” Anyway, Thumbnail Theatre complete. It was kind of fun. Maybe I’ll do another of these someday.

Meanwhile, I’m on a jet plane at this very moment (well, the moment this post goes live) on the way to L.A., where I will be mostly offline through Thursday. I’ve been hired to do some wetwork, you see. That means no Retronauts this week, but we’ll make up for it with two back-to-back episodes. No way am I missing a chance to justifiably talk about Bionic Commando for an hour.

Edit: You kids who don’t check in over the weekend should start here.

14 thoughts on “Where is Padme?

  1. I’ve never figured out why Obi-Wan decided to cut off every limb that wasn’t holding Anakin’s lightsaber, instead of the one that was.

  2. “Only the Sith deal in absolutes,” was my favorite unintentionally humorous line of the movie.

  3. That part with Yoda bailing for NO REASON always drives me nuts. You know, why not just let him go after Palpatine and kill him in an awesome fight? Does it matter? Do you think THAT will be the thing everyone would complain about in the prequels?

  4. Well, I’ve snickered away the morning at work trying not to embarrass myself by spitting coffee everywhere. Thanks!

  5. Depressed Yoda was. Not sticking around after all his homies bit it, he did.

  6. I read that “Where is Padame” section as the start of a broadway number. Do you think you might be able to turn that into some sort of over-the-top musical?

    Where is PADAME? Da da dundun dun DUNN! Where is PADAME!

    I see outrageously lavish musical numbers in your future.

  7. Huh, I figured the “Where is PADME?” as a “Where is my cow?” thing.

  8. I envision it more as a hybrid of “Where’s Waldo” and “The Monster at the End of This Book.”

  9. I thought “Where is Padme?” was an alternative set of lyrics to Frère Jacques.

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