Episode II: Attack of the “constipated expression” jokes

Episode III: Thumbnail Theatre, Part 2
And like clunky, unreliable clockwork, I have posted the second part of the Episode III Thumbnail Theatre. Now that I’ve knocked the rust off (and moved into the more obviously stupid portions of the movie), it’s moving along at a much quicker pace and the results, I think, are quite a bit better.

Also, I should mention that the thumbnail images are courtesy of Yakface.com. I was gonna use photos of the actors, but then I realized that using action figures was far more appropriate for a movie of this, uh, calibre. Don’t get me wrong — I enjoyed Episode III. But I’m fully aware of the fact that this enjoyment was due entirely to 25 years of marketing and franchising that has rewired my brain to be able to enjoy utter cinematic trash that exists strictly as a vehicle for selling merchandise.

13 thoughts on “Episode II: Attack of the “constipated expression” jokes

  1. The Fonzie cameo made me laugh harder than anything else I’ve seen today (including part one of the Thumbnail Theatre). Genius.

  2. I dig this Part 2 very much. The lampooning of movie logic and symbolism has come out in full force. BTW we’ll all miss you while you’re gone. *manly reptile tears*

  3. I just spent like 2 hours on Yakface, my brain trying to convince me to collect Star Wars figures again. UGH!

  4. I was going to ask how you could first accuse this movie of being nothing more than a vehicle to sell merchandise, but then also accuse it of making a not-very-subtle political statement. And then I remembered the Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush – U.S. President and Naval Aviator – 12″ Action Figure, and realized that the two are in no way mutually exclusive.

  5. I’m pretty sure your reaction was exactly why the gossamer-thin political allegories were included. They’re something to let Lucas say, “It’s not just about making me money from erotic Jar-Jar candy! There’s a deeper message here!” Yuck. And seriously, Palpatine’s “they’re either with us or they’re against us” shouted OMG KARL ROVE in big neon letters — talk about ham-fisted.

  6. Big ups for the Fonze’s cameo.

    Also, if Mace Windu doesn’t make a “Pulp Fiction” reference at some point, you fail.

  7. One guy doesn’t want a Pulp Fiction reference, one guys does. You can’t win.

    So I suggest you make a Star Wars reference instead.

  8. I was about to make a Wachowski *siblings* joke, but I remembered that was all a rumor.

    Anyway, I approve the new theatre.

  9. The Blitzball reference almost made me shoot Snapple through my nose. Not more than five minutes ago I saw that scene on TV, and always thought how stupid that background was, but can’t believe I never noticed the similarity.

  10. That scene would be so much better if some goofy guy growled/sang “DON’T YOU. GIVE UP. ON IT. ANOTHER WORLD AWAITS YOU!”

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