Revenge of the thumbnails

Episode III: Thumbnail Theatre, Part 1
Because you demanded it! No, seriously, you did. Hopefully this first installment will prove to have been worth it for all interested parties. I’m splitting this movie’s TT into three parts rather than the usual two. I’m about five years out of practice and my poor senile mind works more effectively with smaller portions, you see.
Hopefully the remainder will go up this weekend. I have a business trip to make Sunday afternoon and will be largely away from the Internet until Thursday, and I’d like to get this all squared away before I vanish. Here is to hoping.

15 thoughts on “Revenge of the thumbnails

  1. Nope, donations were for April only. Future solicitations will be entirely focused on paying site contributors for their hard work.

  2. “Padme: Ew, now you’re doing that thing again where you act horribly.”

    This sums up my feelings of the entire movie. You should have mentioned how utterly haggard she looked when Anakin was trying to tell her how beautiful she was. Yeah, right.


  3. Those thumbnails totally represent the overall story and acting quality of the film, but my god they’re SO CREEPY. It’s hard to laugh when I’m staring so deep into the uncanny nasty.

    It’s not a bad direction to take things but… hmm perhaps this reaction is just me.

  4. But that merely makes the situation more plausible. Amirite, men?

    And yes, it was totally excellent. Can’t wait for part two.

  5. “the Emperor’s eventual portrayal of Vader”

    Should that have been “betrayal of Vader” or has it been so long since I’ve seen the original trilogy that I’ve forgotten what happens?

  6. Parish, can I contribute to the site?

    I like getting paid for writing about stuff I like.

  7. These are really bittersweet. Reminds me of how much of a failed opportunity the prequels were. I mean, I liked them the first time I saw them, but they do not stand the test of time in any way.

    Having just a movie with action figures saying the lines from the TT would have been vastly superior.

    Probably wouldn’t have sold as many figures, though, ironically.

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