Right, so Final Fantasy IV (you know, the DS one) landed on my desk today. This makes six RPGs for which I am currently working on reviews — three of which are terribly late! Fortunately, this one’s embargoed until the issue of EGM after the one that’s in production at the moment, but the whole cumulative enormity of it all is making me start to panic.

So I think I will blow it all off tonight and play GTA IV instead. Yeah.

Still, at least I have made significant progress with one assignment! You can see the fruits of my labor here. And yeah, if you thought FOEs were bad before….

Edit: Sheesh, what did they do to GTA? Everything feels so… sluggish. Is that Havok physics I see? Is it!? I feel like shaking my tiny fist in anger.

17 thoughts on “Glub

  1. Dear lord, there are invisible FOEs now!?

    You’ll never see them coming, it’s an F.O- *shot*

  2. Im not sure that they’re invisible, per se… it may just be that they don’t show up on the map.

  3. I see people playing this one on the train all the time. I have a hard time imagining myself picking it up because it just looks… meh. I feel like I’ve already done all of this with FFIV Advance. Time to get Valkyrie Profile DS. =D

  4. English version of FF4DS? I wonder who they cast for the VA on this one. Hope they fixed the cutscene theater bugs for us.

    But GTA4 as a diversion from other largish games? Wow. You sir have more tenacity than I’ll ever know.

  5. Much as I like things I’ve heard about FF4DS (Whyt in particular seems loaded with potential), now that I’ve spent some time with FF3DS and the engine it’ll run on, I fear the worst. Hopefully they’ve managed to pick up the pace in the battle sequences, because in FF3 those animations just CHUG, and I can see that ruining most of the game’s best battle sequences.

  6. Didn’t you already play through FFIVDS a little while ago? Copy and paste, my friend, copy and paste!

    Seriously though, be sure to let us know as soon as you can if it’s still as brutally difficult or more manageable. Everyones claims of crazy difficulty are scaring me off of it a little bit.

  7. I felt the action was rather brisk but I never played III so who knows.
    People were saying the game was hard because you actually have to use strategy in battles (even the random ones!!) but everything is quite doable with a little planning. Except getting secret Decant Items; that was obtuse. And getting ambushed by two Blue Dragons =(

    Cartman-How is the cutscene theater bugged? I never noticed.

  8. “Is that Havok physics I see? Is it!?”

    I think one of the interviews over on 1up said it was some different kind of physics engine that actually takes into account bones and muscles so that people don’t totally look like limp dolls when they get hit.

  9. The cars do handle fairly terribly, and Nico runs too slow.

    But maybe that has to do with my just having played through Bully on 360 again and loving it.

  10. Everyone lied about the game being fun.

    Also, why is Niko’s nose bigger than his ear?

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