Spotted in Chinatown, NYC Pt. 2

‘TIL ALL ARE ONE! Well, I guess that would only work if they were Unitarian rather than Baptist.

Yes, yes — reflection, blah blah blah.

22 thoughts on “Spotted in Chinatown, NYC Pt. 2

  1. If it had been a picture of a hats with the reflection, you could have followed along in the footsteps of Walker Evans and Robert Frank.
    1UP is the new FSA.

  2. That’s nothing. for a long time, My college Bible study had an image of Mario delivering a verse from Philippians.

    And it was awesome.

  3. Baptist Church CoffeHouse?
    Sorry but I already worship at Skellitor’s Synagogue of Steak.

  4. Nice use of the Unitarians, even if it’s the old school variety and not the garden variety NPR lovin’, Prius drivin’, Humanist former Hippies they are now…

    (Full Disclosure: LeGeek was in a UU youth group as a young lad.)

    Fun Optimus Prime story: My roommate and I were dressed as Jay and Silent Bob for Halloween like 10 YEARS AGO. I played Silent Bob the easy part and we actually won a contest at a local club. Anyway, there was a great Optimus Prime walking around about town and I decided to use my one speaking part of the evening to tell him, “One shall stand and one shall fall.” Optimus promptly told me I wasn’t supposed to speak!

  5. I don’t know if it’s a good idea for them to tamper with an icon that thousands of nerds and nostalgia fans already consider sacred.

  6. To me, Baptists seem more like Decepticons…and aren’t they essentially saying they want you to conform to their believe instead of “this world”‘s? Conformity is ok as long as you conform what what I believe…I guess that’s their message.

  7. It almost reads like the line just pitters out into random words…


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