The welcoming committee

So hey, I’m in New York City at the moment. The city greeted me with open arms, which is unfortunate because they were the arms of a cabbie with horrendous body odor. Seriously, I snapped this picture in the Midtown Tunnel. That’s not motion blur, it’s lens crazing from the physical potency of the stench:

I guess the rising cost of gas precludes certain luxuries for people who make their living by driving. Luxuries like deodorant. But that’s OK — my rising gorge very nearly left him with an exciting new smell to commingle with the foetor of his cab.

12 thoughts on “The welcoming committee

  1. This city definitely knows how to welcome its guests! Though I have yet to have a cab ride experience as olfactorily assaulting as yours, I have had several subway rides like that.

  2. That picture — with the futuristic, bright blue HUD and bright red numbers clearly being subtracted from something — looks suspiciously like one of Square-Enix’s new, cutting edge, Final Fantasy VII / XIII-derived video games. Maybe even a Kingdom Hearts spin-off.

    Are you sure you’re actually *in* New York, and not in the midst of some sort of terrible computer generated world, like Star Ocean 3?

    Take that last sentence any which way.

  3. So, you’re finally in MY neck of the woods instead of crazy foreign places like “California” and “Japan,” eh?

    And why didn’t you just take the subway? I thought you were all about public transit or something… *harumph*

  4. It’s kinda rough getting a subway from the airport (although I hear Jamaica is lovely this time of year).

    You’re witnessing a new NYC cabbie tradition. When it comes time for the NYC Comic-Con they all stop bathing in a gesture of solidarity with their deodorant-less fanboy brethren. What you are smelling is an amazing simulacrum of the nerd-stink that will soon fill the Jacob Javitz center.

    FYI – there’s also a Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum:

  5. Any other NYC people going to Comic Con? We should try to meet up sometime this weekend. You know, compare tans and biceps and stuff.

    I started my NYCC weekend last night at the launch party for Jeff Smith’s RASL comic. It’s not every day that you push past someone on your way to get a beer and and that someone is Frank Miller. Freaking surreal.

  6. Yeah, for some reason I just didn’t feel like taking a long subway ride at 10 p.m.

    If you spot me at Comic-Con, please don’t be creepy!

  7. Yeah I’m going. I’ve been to mountains to anime conventions but no comic conventions. Fun I guess? It can’t be any worse, right?

  8. Have fun! Are you going to San Diego Comic Con this year? I think we’re skipping it (again) this year.

  9. I’ve never been in a cab before, so I’m probably wrong, but does that meter say $45.00? As in how much you have to pay?

  10. A buddy of mine invited me along to Comicon and I decided against it because I have no interest in comics. To think I could’ve met the T-Frog. :(

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