So awful I can only laugh hysterically

So I got home from work and my girlfriend was on the phone being laid off by the company for whom she’s done freelance contract work over the past four years. Apparently they’re cutting a quarter of their workforce, beginning with contractors.

On the plus side, no one else can fire her now — that was her last source of possible income. Oh, wait… that’s not a plus at all.

Edit: Ah, sorry, not trying to be a downer. It’s been a pretty bad week, you know? I can’t fully express my gratitude for everyone who has been so generously cruel today. As it happens, I was thinking last night about how I need to write more for the site (since it’s my site), so the upshot of all of this is that you’ll have more to read in the coming months. The Metroidvania Chronicles have gone far too long without an update, for instance….

Plus, on the personal side of this, part of me does think my girlfriend’s rotten employment fortunes are ultimately a good thing. Now she can focus wholly on her portfolio so that when she graduates and starts stumping for work she’ll be more awesome to potential employers. Short-term crisis for long-term gain. But man, does the short term suck.

And hey, at least there was a new Retronauts today, right? Be sure to check out Bob “servo” Mackey’s too-cleverly-named RetroNotes as well.

12 thoughts on “So awful I can only laugh hysterically

  1. Now you have the chance, at long last, to flip through a stack of bills in front of her, content in having corrected the terrifying role reversal that was your relationship.

  2. ! Loss of relationship, loss of job, loss of house… all in a month. Economy not in recession, you say? Well then why the @#%^ am I twenty-six and living with my father?

    “Short-term crisis for long-term gain.” I want to hug you, Jeremy.

  3. *sigh* Times are tough.

    Not to compound your series of unfortunate events, but I promise to find a way to reach the Xenogears T.T. goal in this wacky New Games Telethon. This is WAY better than anything PBS ever gave out.

  4. Is this the fault of “the economy?” I hate that thing. It kept me unemployed for 8 months last year; now it only gives me a job because I pretend to like it.

  5. Your writings HAVE turned me on to games that I otherwise wouldn’t have heard about if I didn’t read your site. And for that, I didn’t hesitate to donate. I just hope you keep your spirits up and keep on doing what you are doing.

  6. Keep your chin up, boss. One job is better than none.

    P.S.- Bob did a nice job on the “Power Down” article too.

  7. You and your girlfriend are going to be filthy stinking rich someday. You’ll see. Just don’t forget about the little people–those of us who sat at home, contributed nothing, and commented on your delightful blogs. Without us, you could have been doing something more productive and better suited to your talents. But we love you anyway.

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