So, this game really isn’t what I expected. That’s what I get for not paying attention to the previews.

Buuuut I can’t talk about that at the moment. However, I can definitely say that I’ve decided any game in which Toad speaks can never, ever receive a top score. I have to dock Nintendo at least a fraction of a point every time I’m reminded that they’ve turned the best and most playable character in the Mario world into a shrieking retard whose voice sounds like it belongs to a chain-smoking five-year-old girl speaking in falsetto.

21 thoughts on “Supplies!

  1. Wow! You got Mario Kart in already? That’s nuts. I wasn’t really ever expecting you to talk about it, so this will be neat to hear.

    And agreed on the toad. What was Nintendo thinking? I never thought that the brutish Toad that used to toss daikons like pennies would really be such a screeching pansy. I guess someone up there at Nintendo thought it was a good idea?

  2. Nintendo’s actually done a real good job of making everyone in the Mario franchise insufferable.

  3. Hah! I serious did Laugh Out Loud at that description. mostly the shrieking retard…so so true. god I hate toad…

  4. He was fine in Mario Kart 64, actually. He had this kind of happy, childish voice. For some reason they gave him a grating undertone beginning with Super Mario Advance.

    Screenshot quality, glib answer: Because Wii is two GameCubes taped together lol

    Screenshot quality, correct answer: Because Nintendo is very ethical about releasing screens at actual resolution using actual in-game models, and everyone else cheats. Also, whoever is doing screencaps has no clue how to do it properly.

  5. “Why do all of the screenshots for this game look so god-awful?”

    Because it, like every other game from the past three years, uses shaders. It’s nothing new, bob, screenshots are only an accurate judge of how good a game looks for 2D these days.

  6. On the bright side, we will probably get to hear Chris Kohler do his Toad impression on the next Retronauts, which I’m going to assume will be about Mario Kart.

  7. If that is the next Retronauts, I’d like someone to mention the wacky meeting that birthed this series, as previously described by our own Dr. Parish.

    Hey, if there’s a Professor Kohler now, why not?


    Instant -0.5 to this post.

    Not liking the psycho face on the set of wheel’s Mario’s driving.

  9. Forget Toad, I need Daisy to be here. If I can’t judiciously Hi-I’m-Daisy my way through every race, then really, where’s the fun in that?

  10. Bah. Who cares about Toad? The real travesty is the replacement of the classic Yoshi voice with the annoying Yoshi’s Story version.

    No, I still haven’t gotten over that. Yoshi will always “weet-ew” in my mind.

  11. I like Toad in Sunshine and Galaxy, where all he (uh, they) ever says out loud is ‘OH NO!’ or ‘YAHOO!’

    anything beyond that is venturing into very dangerous territory.

  12. Mario is driving an S2000. I drive an S2000.

    This is very exciting, but I’m still skeptical.

    I have this feeling that the bikes are going to ruin it.

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