Vacuum coming for the bright and the brute

New Game + | Weekly Games Column
This week in games… uh, well, there’s not really much, to be honest. However, I personally disagree with the columnists’ choice of Call of Duty 4 as the best thing happening this week. No, kids, this week is all about Mr. Driller Online. It’s no Drill Land — however, it is pastel and upbeat and simple and fun, which is pretty much what makes games awesome. And it’s cheap. So buy it!

Add to Queue | Weekly DVD Column
This week’s movie releases are also sort of bleak and empty, but that turns out to be a good thing as it has goaded contributor VsRobot into spreading his wings and exploring the concept of “reviews.” He’s not calling it that, but he’s totally weighing in on this week’s pick. It’s a review. And it is good!

10 thoughts on “Vacuum coming for the bright and the brute

  1. I really like the new take on the column. It seems like a natural evolution from the tiny “review” blurbs for every release.

  2. Sweeney Todd is good? Does not compute. However is good to see a better version of Add to Queue, though I will probably miss the mini-reviews.

  3. The song “Wonder Boy” is based on the game. They just couldn’t reference any element of the games for legal reasons. Which only makes it that much cooler. That’s telekinesis, Kyle.

  4. From the blu-ray releases section: Oh man, 10.5 Apocalypse. I accidentally watched that movie on TV in Germany. It was so, so terrible.

  5. Mini-reviews aren’t gone forever. I can’t write a long-form review every week! Also, some weeks there are actually going to be more than one good movie. I know, hard to believe!

  6. Buh. Between this and ThinkGeek’s pee-game, my brain just isn’t working today.

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