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I’m out of Japan stuff, unless you want to see a few dozen pictures of red gates at Fushimi Inari or something. So! Back to the usual blog shenanigans. Fortunately, before I start posting my usual prattle we have the weekly columns, so that’s at least one last day of interesting stuff.

Add to Queue | Weekly DVD Releases
Movies are out this week! Some of them on Blu-ray! Fewer of them on HD-DVD. Buy something, will ya? (Ideally from VsRobot’s store.)
New Game + | Weekly Game Releases
The steady march of commercialism also plods along in the gaming space as well. However, as always, we choose to highlight the major stuff and skip over the likes of Australia Zoo Quest and Women’s Murder Club. Sorry. Clearly our priorities are totally outta wack.

13 thoughts on “Back to your regularly scheduled programming

  1. This will be perhaps the first FFVII I buy ever (I’ve played the original but didn’t actually buy it). I’m not keeping my expectations high, but still, I hope not to be disappointed.

  2. VsRobot: Really. I thought that it was a well-directed, suspenseful movie. It shot up to the top of my King-movie adaptations list. Why do you dislike it?

  3. you guys have no conscience. Any major film marketed as a “Stephen King’s” (especially over the past 10 years) is so offensively poor to the point its almost clear King himself wants you to instead spend your money on his books and engage in this scary practice called *gasp* reading. The mist is one of these rotten movies that is part stupid B-movie (not even enjoyable b-movie) and mostly really boring. Anyone telling you otherwise is attempting to maliciously trick you and ought to be drug out into the street and beaten for it.

  4. The last King movie I was even vaguely interested in was Misery. None of the other movies based on his books have engaged me since then. I guess it had the least amount of imagination involved in it, so it did not interfere with my personal images of the characters.

  5. You know Dark Sector has sunk without a trace when the average gamer can’t even remember it’s status as the first current-gen game to be unveiled.

  6. VsRobot: Yay! Please stick around for the column, if nothing else. I was scared of what might happen if we only had one column around. :(

  7. No mention of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3!? But this one has over 40 powerful ninja and lets you customize your Ultimate Jutsu!

  8. If it’s the same James Ellroy documentary that Used-to-be-CourtTV-TV ran, it’s kind of annoying. He’s kind of annoying. But then I’m not the target audience, because I’d have to be really invested in a dude’s work to listen to him prattle on about his psychosexual hangups and how generally screwed up he is for any period of time. (I think that’s the problem I have with the whole thing: far as this special is concerned, his mother’s murder is all about him.)

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