Why I go to extremes

There you go: the best and worst of Japan, together in a single image. (If you ask “Hurr hurr but which is which?” we will be forced to take you out back and shoot you.) Delicate, traditional beauty that has inspired a million poems, and crass, garish, commercial, uh… I’m not sure what that is, actually. An off-brand Jack Sparrow making moves on Sailor Moon, I think.

9 thoughts on “Why I go to extremes

  1. you managed to snap an poster for one of the largest pachinko chains in japan. the name eludes me but just the very fact of its pachinkoness is awful enough. parish FTW!

  2. Yeah, I saw this same godawful art all over. That’s the one at Ueno; I was there again a couple of days later at 10 a.m. and a huge crowd of old people rushed the door the second it opened. I was baffled by what could possibly be so exciting as to make people forego their usual culturally-mandated courteous queuing and disappointed to learn it was merely pachinko. I guess the bluehairs were dying to play the new Evangelion game. Or something.

  3. they had one of those right down the street from the elementary i taught at. it was a sad sight.

  4. From my understanding, folks line up in the morning because the parlors claim to adjust the odd and jackpots and such in the customers’ favor during the slower hours. Those early morning pachinko jockeys and tourists surprised at how late Akihabara opens are the only people I ever see on my way to work.

    Though you probably didn’t mean to do so, you have symbolically asserted the same thing the black trucks riding around town do: that populism and western influence have ruined the pure and good of the Empire.

  5. Well, my girlfriend got pics of some geisha in Kyoto, so that’s misogyny taken care of, at least.

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