Oops, I didn’t do it again

I sort of lost reliable Internet access for a few days there, but now it’s back. And I can finally publish the weekly columns. Like, almost a week late. Oops.

New Game + | Weekly Games Column
Another big week of releases both at home and abroad. I am abroad, and have discovered that Bangai-O is much more difficult than I remember it.
Add to Queue | Weekly DVD Column
This week, our intrepid columnist reveals his most secret shame. Surprisingly, it doesn’t involve a criminal record borne of force-feeding HD-DVD fans their own Xbox 360 media drive add-ons.

7 thoughts on “Oops, I didn’t do it again

  1. I hope you didn’t spend too much of your vacation time on this!

    I appreciate it, though. Can’t wait to check tomorrow and see how much traffic I sent to my blog.

  2. Two things:

    A) I hear Enchanted is actually pretty darn good overall, and Amy Adams was awesome in Junebug. This sounds like a fairly similar role.

    B) When I picked up No More Heroes from Best Buy, the store guy tried to get me to consider Samurai Warriors instead, if I was looking for a “sword game.” I was like… um?

  3. Battlestar Galactica sounds like like it must be the greatest TV show ever if you can honestly rank it above Atonement. I’ll have to evaluate it myself some day.

  4. I don’t rank anything, my friend. I just make one pick of what I find the most interesting thing to add to a Netflix queue. I”m no film reviewer. I’m a film list-maker.

  5. I also picked up Bangai-O Spirits this week. The game is currently lost on me, as I have no basis for understanding what the hell is going on. I’m a robot, shooting stuff and avoiding things? What’s with the crazy anime characters and their wacky facial expressions? Oh God! Must get back to lighting off the hyaku bomb sprays…

    Also, Tekken 6 arcade…. totally awesome. If you’re into that sort of thing.

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