Cancer: serious business

It’s no secret that Japan is all about smoking — cafés here have smoking sections, most hotels have smoking rooms, and you might as well forget about fresh air if you step into a bar. But you don’t really appreciate just how into smoking Japan is until you realize that they’ve installed cigarette holders between urinals so that trifling details like “bodily functions” don’t cut into your precious cigarette time.

In a funny coincidence, many old people here have voices like a rusty lawn mower.

3 thoughts on “Cancer: serious business

  1. Those just look like ashtrays to me. They probably don’t want people flushing them. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    Either way, it’s always interesting to see that urinals in the future aren’t that different from the ones of today.

  2. Yeah, the bathrooms (mostly stalls, but urinals often had shelves with ashtrays on them) of Vegas casinos have those. Or did, rather, until we decided to stop being so darn red-state and stopped letting people smoke anywhere they want to.

  3. I was a big fan of the ash-trays on arcade cabinets. Nothing makes technology last longer than smoke!

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