Flickr updated

So I’ve added descriptions to a bunch of my Flickr photos, in case you’re interested. I would do more but I guess we’re off to get breakfast and go to Akihabara. That should be quite a trip, because my group is decidedly not into games and anime, and certainly is unfamiliar with things like moé. So it should be interesting.

In the meantime:


8 thoughts on “Flickr updated

  1. Sushi Dai looks wonderful; you’re a veritable font of information. Have fun in Akihabara; I’ll probably be there later this afternoon. First, though, a run to Suitengumae for some Okane.

  2. That started in Sydney – the original video was filmed about five minutes from where I work.

    …no, it wasn’t me.

  3. Did anyone partake in it? I suppose if you count me as anyone; then, sure, I partook. Loneliness in a strange land can make a man do crazy things.

    Ichiran was even more amazing than your original post described it. Those eggs; whatever they do to their eggs it transforms the yolk into some kind of cheesy, rich thing of beauty.

    Also; the Japanese have a way with clothing. Some are exuberant in their fashion sense; others just simply well put together. It makes me feel under-dressed just going for a stroll in Shibuya. Do you ever feel this way, Jeremy?

  4. Sorry I keep littering your posts with my own trivial nonsense; but, if you see a copy of Mother 3 somewhere, please let me know.

    Yeah, I’m one of them….

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