Conflict of interest

Guys, something’s funny here.

This may end up being the most dramatic example of two games canceling one another out since Donkey Kong 64 single-handedly erased every positive memory I had of the original Donkey Kong.

11 thoughts on “Conflict of interest

  1. I see this as more of a ying/yang, Skeksis/Mystics new age balance thing. All is harmonious in the gaming cosmos.

  2. No no, they’re compatible! Since you can’t have cake when trying to lose weight, you load up Cake Mania instead and make some delicious digital cakes! Fat-free!

  3. The fact that the weight-loss game costs more is actually the last bit of proof I needed that has found a nice home in the baked goods industry’s pocket.

    What’s next? Imagine: Smoking Buddyz?

  4. I find it funnier that an unhealthy game isn’t as expensive as a weight loss coach.

    I guess that explains the obesity epidemic, amirite?

  5. What would have been really funny is if it were in the Amazon recommendations section.
    “People who bought ‘Cake Mania 2’ also bought ‘My Weight Loss Coach'”

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