A world exclusive

I’ve just returned from a Capcom event. They showed off video games, but all the previews we’re writing based on this showing are embargoed until Thursday.

However, they said nothing about the sandwiches. I would like to offer a first, exclusive look at the event’s lunch table. Turkey on wheat confirmed for spring ’08 release! Also note the Ruffles product placement — signs of a possible in-game advertising scheme? I’ll be the first to let you know.

Sorry, this is not a hands-on preview — just impressions based on watching others’ experiences. (I picked up a gyro once I returned to the office.)

Edit: OK, I think the novelty of Flickr uploading via email has almost worn off. Back to the usual brand of stupidity instead of this newfangled type.

12 thoughts on “A world exclusive

  1. Here’s a tip: next time you put Dijon mustard on your sandwich, mix in a little bit of sweet mango chutney. Goes great with German beer!

  2. Every time I hear about a Capcom event, I get excited at the prospect of Megaman Legends 2. Every time it doesn’t happen, I get a little less excited the next time.

    I’m at the point where I’m not expecting it, so I’ll be extremely surprised.

  3. Short infusions of newfangled stupid are unusually entertaining. Deface some bathroom stalls while you’re at it and show us how vandalism is fun for the whole family.

  4. Man, this is like some sort of bizarre inversion of that show on the travel channel where that guy goes around the world and eats unusual and/or horrifying foodstuffs.

  5. I think we should host our own Capcom event where we unveil, for Petie, Megaman Legends 2. Sure, the graphics are dated and it can run on the progenitor of Sony’s consoles; but, it might make some lad happy.

    Long way to walk… But I’m willing to bet you’d all have a blast and the food would trump that of the honest Capcom events.

  6. I, too, enjoy the food-related posts, although that turkey is glistening a little too much.

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