Lost oddity

My copy of Lost Odyssey finally arrived today, and the preorder bonus was… unusual.

Not that I really mind preorder swag that might actually be useful for once, but cereal? Really? I guess the message here is “Start your day with this healthy breakfast and you, too, can live to be 1,000 years old — just like Kaim!”

(Someone at the office suggested it was merely an unrelated marketing promotion Amazon was running, but that’s just silly.)

11 thoughts on “Lost oddity

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Cereal is the main reason I pre-order videogames. I spend most of my money in murder-simulators, so I expect them to give me free food at least.

  2. Or perhaps this is a sign that you need to revive your silly Mascot segment. A HEART IS NOT A MASCOT JEREMEY! IT IS NOT!

  3. That’s nothin’! They packed Gunstar Heroes with a Strawberry Fruit Roll-Up! Fast-paced shooting action AND dried fruit crushed into a scroll? Man, life just doesn’t get any better than that!

  4. it’s an Amazon thing, I got one of those last week

    I ate it today – I hope it doesn’t kill me

  5. Perhaps not like “Kaim”, but it’ll certainly end up as “chyme”. See what I did there? Yeah…. dithering yuts

  6. The important question isn’t the relationship between Kaim and the chyme that will follow tomorrow’s breakfast, but the bile which which will churn in Parish’ gut at playing Lost Odyssey. I personally found it easy to swallow and still hungry for more.

  7. I received a box of cereal with the phone I ordered from Amazon recently. Clearly it must be the start of some kind of ARG. Microsoft loves them some ARG.

  8. Jeremy, I’ll PM you my address if you’ll send me that cereal. That is, if you don’t want it.

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