Not about action figures

Ohhhh this cold just won’t go away. I’m dying and I never even got to tell you I love you.

New Game +: Weekly Game Releases
Hey! It’s a game of weeks. Er, a week of games. Yes. That’s right. Sorry, my cognitive functions have been muddled by this amazing cold drug I’m taking. Anyway, the important thing this week is that I’m boycotting Dragon Quest Swords because the localization team stole my “Slime Crisis” joke. Oh and I guess the fact that it’s really slipshod for a DQ spin-off factors in there somewhere as well.
Add to Queue: Weekly DVD Releases
So what’s on tap for this week’s DVD column? If you said “lots of celebratory glee that the HD format wars are finally over”… well, clearly you’ve been following this series. Please note the Amazon store links at the end — I don’t make money from this site, so I can’t pay contributors for their fine work. But you can click the links and make sure the author gets a tiny cut of ”something”, at least.

2 thoughts on “Not about action figures

  1. Aaaand it’s over. Toshiba officially surrenders all over the internet; all hail our Sony overlords. Fortunately I don’t give a crap about HD, but within five years I bet Blu-ray’ll be the only thing available and stores will be frantically unloading their DVDs like they dumped VHS. Then I don’t get a choice! GRATE! TECHMOLOGIES!!

  2. Well, that’s assuming that people start buying Blu-ray discs in increasing quantities. Blu-ray won because of the PS3, not because of any inherent technical advantages (while Blu-ray could hold more info, HD-DVD had more features. It’s hard to say if anyone actually cared about either).

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