So, I spent my Valentine’s Day in physical agony from the flu. And my girlfriend spent it in physical agony from falling down the stairs.

How was your Valentine’s? I bet you had a pretty awesome day seeing as we posted a new Retronauts today. You jerk. Think about those of us who are suffering for once, why don’t you?

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  1. Surprised nobody picked up on this one. Fun with Phantasy Star ports:
    – The GBA collection, in addition to being dangerously buggy, didn’t include PS4.
    – The “Sega Genesis Collection” for the PS2 released uh… last Christmas was it? for $20 contained 2 3 and 4. The little descriptive blurbs even point out that this is only the second time 4 became available in the US, and the cost difference. Shame it wasn’t promoted more. It does have this little quirk where you have to “save” your game while playing (to memory), then also return to the game selection menu and actually properly save to the memory card from there.

    A few other series tidbits that didn’t come up in the podcast:
    – There’s a rather sick habit the series has about always making Dark Force (generally the final boss) encounters… surprising. Like, found inside a random treasure chest surprising.
    – The thief from PS2 was rather interesting mechanically. She couldn’t steal items from monsters as you’d expect. Instead, if she’s in your party, there’s a chance every time you come out of a party that she’ll say something along the lines of “I’ll catch up later.” Leaves your party, doesn’t show up until you go back to your house, and only through careful observation will you notice whatever she stole in your inventory.
    – An example of how messed up PS3 is, when one of your characters “loses their will to fight” (dies) they can still cast healing spells. Only game I know of where you can revive yourself. Also, there were roughly… 4 boss fights in the entire game, none of whom was remotely threatening. On the upside, it had this odd gimmick where the overworld music was mixed together from 5 tracks, one for each character alive and in your party.

  2. Dear God, I loved the shit out of PS4. The podcast was great! I’m on the verge of trying out PS3 again…but whenever I think about Phantasy Star, I remember my ex-fiancee buying me PSO 1&2 for Gamecube, which is sad b/c it’s Valetine’s and she’s my ex, but great because she was a cheating whore.

  3. I spent 400-ish on a Playstation 3, only to find out that it doesn’t work. Not quite the same as physical pain, but still not grand.

  4. My date got the flu (or something similar) and had to cancel, so I got to spend my night working instead of going out. What makes it even more depressing, is that I was covering for a co-worker who’s plans didn’t get all vomited upon!

  5. My wife spent Valentine’s morning getting Lasik. Fun and exciting. I got to watch.

    Later I spent like four hours making insane things for dinner which turned out quite tasty, so it all evens out I guess.

  6. I apparently fucked my knee up really bad on Wednesday, though I have no idea how, leaving me in massive amounts of pain anytime I climb stairs, enter/exit a car, really bend my knee past about the 45-degree mark. You can imagine the effect this had on my Valentine’s Day.

    Sorry you were sick, though. Just a 24 hour thing, I hope.

  7. I spent it watching the Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles and “The First 48”. Nothing says romance like murder.

  8. I delivered fruit bouquets to people from 7am-5pm, then went to bed so that I could do it again today. But I got out at 4 today, so I think I came out on top in the end.

  9. Googleshng: I actually got that Sega collection mainly for the Phantasy Star ports. Golden Axe and Ecco Jr. are the only games on it I’ve managed to beat so far though.

  10. I had the flu as well. It’s never affected me so strongly, so I went to the hospital, hoping I didn’t have something more serious.

  11. “And my girlfriend spent it in physical agony from falling down the stairs.”

    Uh-huh. As if I hadn’t heard that explanation before.

  12. It was my last, full day in the Air Force; so, I cleaned the house and packed the remaining objects into my car for the big move out of Texas. Now I have no idea what to do with my life. I’m 26, have zero marketable skills, and I’m poor… Life is grand!

  13. Best retronauts in a while, though that may just be because I like Phantasy Star. For the same reason, I’m keenly looking forward to the rogue-likes episode. Slight confusion: as far as I know, there’s no board-gamey PS; PS Adventure for Game Gear is one of those Shadowgate-y games, as are the PSII Character prequels. And I may be the only person to have beaten Phantasy Star Gaiden, which actually isn’t bad for something so completely inconsequential.

    Anyway, when playing Phantasy Star III, be sure to use an escapipe when you’re in jail in the beginning for fun weirdness. But everyone probably already knew that.

  14. For V-day I was also down with some vicious stomach flu, and alone in a Tokyo hotel room while my friends were partying it up. Ah, romance.

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