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Remember how last week I said gaming was back with a vengeance or whatever? Yeah, well, false alarm. The latest slate of releases is less “vengeance” than “half-hearted crime.” Like holding up a 7-Eleven and only taking the silver change from the register.

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As ever, the new batch of home video releases is much stronger than the latest batch of games. That is because film is a thriving artform with a stunning breadth of variety and people take time to recognize more than just the big-budget crap. It’s, like, the opposite of gaming. (On the other hand, this week does see the release of Rez HD, so maybe my snark is misplaced.)

7 thoughts on “Weekness

  1. [Editor’s note: I’m going to assume he means King of California here and not, say, Daddy Day Camp.]

    I thought he was referring to The King of Kong.

  2. Oh, uh, yeah. I guess the luxury of being an editor means I don’t have to have good reading comprehension.

  3. Thanks for the blog link!

    Sorry for the poorly worded paragraph at the end. I clarified it with an author’s note! Or would you rather I just reword the paragraph and kill your authors’ notes?

  4. Man, if I were an actor I’d never want to win an Oscar. So many Oscar winners make such crap movies afterward.

  5. How could you have completely ignored Life of Brian? I still prefer that to the overrated Holy Grail.

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