Red ring of deathwatch: Day 5

First it deleted some Tomb Raider Anniversary saves. What other zany hijinks have my Xbox 360 been up to?

  • System occasionally powers down automatically a few seconds after being activated.
  • Assassin’s Creed has a 50% chance of crashing at the title screen.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments! “Exciting” in this case meaning “irritating.”

18 thoughts on “Red ring of deathwatch: Day 5

  1. I just got a 360 over the holiday. Even though it’s one of them newer models (as evidenced by its HDMI port), I still feel I need to baby the system. I get nervous if I play for any longer than four hours. I feel that it’s actively conspiring against me.

    If there’s any proper time to get nostalgic for cart-based consoles that made no noise while operating, that time is now.

  2. Welcome to my world.
    First I had to send in my Xbox over the summer because it failed to load any disc, and now I had to send in my replacement Xbox because it likes to scratch certain games to the point of unplayability. :(

  3. On the bright side, you could use your influence to broker an immediate replacement out of Microsoft.

    “So, Mr. Mattrick, have you heard about my 360? It just can’t seem to play your newest product right…I’m afraid I’m going to have to dock you 2.5 points.


  4. I was red-ringed two days ago, 20 hours into Mass Effect. Ugh. Why couldn’t it have died during Enchanted Arms?

  5. My console RROD’d a couple weeks ago. It just arrived at the MS Repair Facility yesterday. I actually got kind of excited when I saw the 3 red lights because I’d heard so much about it but now it was happening to ME. The customer support was surprisingly great, too, and within a week I had the box to send off. But the longer I don’t have my 360, the more bummed out I get. Props to MS for at least fixing all this for free, but a big BOO to them in the first place for making a console with this big of a problem.

  6. Will the 360 ever be truly reliable and quiet? I want to get one eventually, but not if both the console and the discs need frequent replacement.

  7. Great, now I’m nervous. A few nights ago, my 360 crashed while I was playing Half-Life Episode 2, and corrupted the most recent save file. I used the file saved before that one and haven’t had any further problems, but I’m definitely still considering it a red flag…

  8. Yeah, my X-Box RROD’d right after I finished bioshock. It took about a month for them to fix it. To compensate for the trouble, they game me a free month of Live. Then my live stopped working for 3 weeks…. and it expires the day we get the free live game for that. Still, the best system

  9. I dunno why people are surprised the 360 is defective. I mean this is the company which gave us Windows! What did you expect?

  10. Long live Nintendo and their bullet-proof hardware! How is it that the smallest company with the least ties to hardware manufacturing makes the most reliable consoles? I mean, Sony practically invented the compact disk, and had a huge hand in DVD development, yet the PS1 and PS2 had really bad drives. Oh well, the soldiering one of my Trinitrons was pretty bad too.

  11. Mine died right after I finished Bioshock. Fortunately, although it took a while to come, my refurb is rock solid. It doesn’t get too hot (although like the PS3, it could substitute as a decent space heater) and the disc drive is a good bit quieter than the old one.

    Seems that the new heatsinks really do make all the difference.

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