The spirit of the season

This about sums it up:

Lazing about in happy, suffocating warmth, stuffed with tryptophan and the satisfaction of having made good gift selections for my loved ones. And my mother’s most bizarre Christmas invention yet looming in the background: a tree lit entirely with purple glow bracelets. I am sad to say it doesn’t have a single pacifier hanging from the branches.

Note the lack of allegedly humorous text overlaid atop the kitten, there. That is my Christmas gift to you. No, wait, actually — I just found half a dozen sets of ToastyFrog and Rorita buttons that I will mail to the first six people who give me their mailing address. That is my Christmas gift to you. Well, six of you.

Edit: Aaaaand they’re gone. Next time, chumps! Er, I mean, chums.

10 thoughts on “The spirit of the season

  1. Bummer, looks like I’m first but I’m going to be moving in a few weeks and I don’t know my address.

  2. Uh, by email, please. Don’t put your mailing address in this space. That would be wildly irresponsible of you.

  3. I have a cat who looks almost exactly like that one. Just thought I should throw that tidbit into the mix.

    Once in a great while, the text caption/picture of a cat combination actually achieves its goal of humor. Keep in mind this is a much higher rate than the various blog/forum posters of the world making similar attempts at humor by adding ‘…in ur ____ stealin ur…’ to their posts. Such attempts have a success rate of zero percent. You don’t need to be up on your Internet trends or even a frequent visitor to blogs and forums to be annoyed by this.

  4. Sent my info as well. Arkfullosorrow, I also have a cat like that. It’s a small, grey and white cat-ful world after all.

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