It doesn’t feel like vacation unless I’m home

Take that, American Airlines: I made it to Michigan despite your best efforts to stop me. And just in time, too.

How thoughtful of the weather — our white Christmas didn’t hit until after I landed.

I don’t think I’ve seen snow since I moved to San Francisco, so I am quite alright with this — I’m comfortably ensconced in a reclining chair by a window, watching the snow fall from the safety of toasty warmth. My parents have massively renovated their home since I was last here, adding a new living room above the garage which, I think, has more square footage than the two-bedroom apartment I rent. They’ve also finished their walk-out basement; it’s now opulent, furnished and spacious enough to make being a basement dweller sound almost sort of appealing.

Of course, the downside is that they live out in the middle of nowhere, so I’m not too jealous of their posh digs. But it’s nice to be here for now — like all extremes (see also: Japan), this sort of wintry isolation is quite enjoyable in moderate doses.

14 thoughts on “It doesn’t feel like vacation unless I’m home

  1. Holy crap you’re in Lakeview? That’s way too close to where I live (just south of Greenville).

    Anyway yeah you got here just in time, as the 50mph gusting wind and the lightsnow/freezing rain, so today ended up being the worst day in like two weeks.

  2. Have fun visiting the family and getting away for the holidays. I myself saw enough snow in my 3 years in VA to last for awhile and am happy to be somewhere where it is still in the 60s right now.

  3. I moved away from Saskatoon to Vancouver in a sort of tradeoff of snow for rain, and most times I’m happy about it, but sometimes it feels like there’s some sort of karmic retribution during the winter months where we get snowed on overnight and then rained on the next morning. It is not nice to wake up to an endless expanse of slush.

  4. San Francisco almost feels like cheating sometimes, since the weather is perpetually spring or fall. So it’s nice to go places with real weather every now and then.

    JFink: I lived in Greenville for about half a year. Commence freaking out.

  5. Northwest Ohio here, aka the middle of nowhere part 10. It has been blowing like a blowfish for most of the day, with interspersed snows that just melt.

  6. I just came to Irvine from Chicago, but afterwards I’m visiting my brother (who works at gamespot) in SF and then heading back home to Troy, MI.

  7. Perpetual fall just sounds so good… seriously sign me up. I had to be outside this morning for work. While it wasn’t actually too cold (yet) the wind was kicking my ass the entire time.

  8. Be glad you got out of Texas, which this year has decided to forgo Winter in favor of Summer 2: The Resummering.

  9. Or not – damn this comment software! The comment that got deleted was:

    I agree with virulent 100%. Perpetual fall means I can ride my motorcycle all year without worrying about insane heat or cold.

  10. You know, Jack Thmpson just wants laws to be enforced, that M rated games aren’t sold to underage kids, Jack Thomson does not want M rated games to stop being made, he just wants them to be regulated. But you know what? You still think Jack Thompson is an idiot, because YOU ARE A STEALTH MARKETER. So, fuck you Parish.

  11. JFink: That’s crazy Jfink, I live just south of Greenville too, in that crazy land of Belding.

    Woah. Not lurking. What is this feeling?

  12. Lakeview? Bah. I grew up in Southfield. Nothing better than knowing that all the crap of Detroit slowly wants to take over your city. Oh, I mean worse.

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