Molasses in December

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Mega Man series. That makes me feel pretty old! But not as old as the fact that today also marks ten years since I graduated from college. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Death, creeping up behind me.

New Game +: Weekly Game Column
Like kitty litter, video game releases clump. Apparently there’s some sort of scientific metric everyone subscribes to, and this guideline tells them the six or seven optimal release dates for a given year. And then everyone releases their games on those days. This is not an optimal week, so instead of a big ol’ kitty litter clump we just have a proverbial thin streak, so to speak.
Add to Queue: Weekly DVD Column
Movies aren’t quite as susceptible to clumpage as games, so let’s just assume that nothing good comes out this week because the entire industry is living, rightfully, in fear of the Blade Runner onslaught. Also, we’ve consolidated the DVD and anime releases to save Mightyblue the hassle of writing “Oh man this isn’t very good” in half a dozen different ways each week. Also, winter hits this week. We gotta huddle for warmth.

19 thoughts on “Molasses in December

  1. Holy crap; I just checked the date, and was EXACTLY one year ago that I graduated from college. But I’m still in college. I’m not doing this right :(

  2. Jeremy Parish? More Like Jeremy “I Want You Inside of Me” Parish!

    The photo above the title makes it even better.

  3. I was going to post about how even though I will always be 2 years younger than you, I also have many bouts of “old” each day.

    Then, I read that blog post. Getting old is much better than having… whatever that guy has now done to your psyche. Good luck.

  4. So what does death sound like? I just want to know so that if he is sneaking up on me I can watch out.

  5. I don’t get it. Is the dude hitting on Parish?

    And I don’t quite remember if I like Blade Runner.

  6. This coming year will also feature my 10th-year college reunion. Somewhat frightening, yes.

    Also, in reference to the DVD column, I think someone recently posted on the forums a link to a perfectly serviceable HDMI cable that can be bought for like $5 online, as opposed to the completely ludicrous prices some stores will try to charge you for them. I can’t seem to find where i put the link right now, though.

  7. Blade Runner is a great movie, but based on the infamous dream sequence and its implications, I don’t think Ridley Scott is to be trusted this time. After twenty years, insisting on turning your movie into a big plot hole is a tad silly.

  8. Back in NiGHTs’ heyday – which was more of a heytenminutes – my father decided that it would be a wise investment to purchase a couple dozen copies of the first issue of the NiGHTs comic book. I’m still waiting for that one to pay off.

  9. You know what I would love to know: If there’s an internet community where everyone talks about how retarded video games are and how only drooling zombies like video gamers would buy an overpriced movie collection containing the same, slightly edited, movie like 7 times. Blade Runner is a really bad movie people, live with it.

  10. “That makes me feel pretty old! But not as old as the fact that today also marks ten years since I graduated from college. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Death, creeping up behind me.” And you just made me realize that I hit that milestone back in May (and this month I hit my ten year anniversary at work ). I guess I can’t hear the sound of Death (which is all around us) because I went deaf.

    Re: Blade Runner – I think there are some people (like a friend of mine) who think this is one of the greatest movies ever made but I don’t really care much for it. Eh… *shrug*

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