Clearance time

Item the First: My office’s coffee area can never seem to keep up with the demand for the lousy, fake green tea that is provided for us. But the powers-that-be decided to make up for it today by offering us seasonal blends. I would like to confirm that “Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride” tea is indeed every bit as terrible an idea as it sounds.

Item the Second: As part of my effort to own no more worldly possessions than will fit within the space of three bookshelves and a small closet, I am clearing out a wide swath of the things that keep accumulating in my home. This includes about 90% of my NES, Famicom and Super Famicom games. Please have a look and spare me the hassle of having to put this stuff on eBay, please.

Item the Third: finally works properly again. That doesn’t mean I advocate its use, however.

Item the Fourth: This week’s Fun Club selection (Final Fantasy Legend) and alternate (Passage) are active. Please go forth, play and discuss.

8 thoughts on “Clearance time

  1. It’s pretty OK. It’s a multiplayer “match the colored balls” shooter, the catch being that the balls are marbles that obey gravity. Cause a group of balls to vanish and anything above will shift and settle. Here’s a write-up:

  2. The FF Legend link leads back to Gamespite. Which is fine, really, but possibly problematic for the more goal-oriented reader.

  3. I dunno, locit, I think anything that might keep someone from playing FF Legend can only be for their benefit.

  4. Jeremy’s become a purger!

    It’s an understandable feeling, especially since you will be able to download almost all of the classics on the Wii’s VC in time, saving a lot of physical room. I hate worldly possessions on principle, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.

  5. You have been referencing Tactics Ogre a bit in your last few posts. I have mentioned before that I really enjoyed the GBA version of the game. Do you consider the SNES version to be significantly better?

    Also, why did you bother getting so many of those Keroro Gunso tanks? The plot plays out the same way it does in Hitman Reborn: the story comes and goes and, in the end, no one is truly affected by anything that has happened. It is like a Looney Tunes cartoon, but even more repetative.

  6. Yeah, I’ve explained this before, but: I enjoyed the first three or four volumes of Sgt. Frog and added the series to my preorder list. When I finally sat down to read the ones that had accumulated a year later, I was disappointed to find that after those first few volumes it suffers from seriously diminishing returns.

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