Look, I’m running out of clever ways to introduce these columns, OK? So you’ll have to settle for dull, nonsensical puns. Suck it up, trooper.

Add to Queue: Weekly DVD Column
VsRobot’s weekly DVD release column has transcended the shackles of mere mortality and now has its own podcast, with its very own website. You should check it out! After you’ve read the column, of course. Come on, kids, that’s what tabbed browsing was created for. Meanwhile, I still haven’t had a chance to watch Bender’s Big Score. I fail as a nerd.
New Game +: Weekly Game Column
Uh, so, yeah. Games this week. Once again, a dud of a week. I don’t know about you, but it’s driving me to desperation. I need to look forward to something every week. Absent that, I’m prone to do things I’ll later regret. Like buy a copy of Unlimited Saga. Save me from myself, games industry: step it up.
Anime Blues: Weekly Anime Column
And finally, anime. The second volume of Welcome to the N.H.K. arrives this week… but the anime is kind of boring, like most novel-to-manga-to-anime adaptations. Happily, volume five of the manga also hits this week, so get that instead. Oh, and there’s some other anime. Don’t ask me, I swore off the stuff two volumes into Outlaw Star. That’s why someone else writes these, see.

5 thoughts on “Weekness

  1. I haven’t seen Bender’s Big Score either – as a matter of fact, it’s in my queue. Availability: Very long wait.

  2. I really like Welcome to the NHK, but like the Hall of Shame shows… those damn covers are not helping at all.

    As far as swag goes, the box set should come with a PVC doll… of Yamizaki holding a tiny PVC doll.

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