The well is dry

Holy crap, I’ve run out of things to blog about. Here I was all set for a grand revival of the illustrated blog tradition and… nothin’. My brain is out of ammo and now I have to punch all those demons to death instead.

So long everyone, it’s been real, etc.

15 thoughts on “The well is dry

  1. Just cough out another entry about Mega Man 2 or Symphony of the Night. C’mon. You know you want to do it…

  2. Perhaps you can do a super long write up on the brilliance of Rhythm Tengoku. (If you’ve done so already please excuse my ignorance)

  3. Actually, I’ve spent the day editing GameSpite Issue 2. Which I guess is why my brain feels all shriveled up.

  4. Don’t sweat it. Between the awesomeness of Gamespite Issues and Talking Time Fun Clubs, you can afford to balk on the blogging for a bit. Well, you can afford to balk on anything on the site, since you’re not paid for it, etc.

  5. What? No, your writing’s fine! I’m just, you know, a control freak.

    I’m just annoyed at having missed a couple of days, because I’m trying to see if I can still make it a month with no misses.

  6. I’m just razzin’ ya Parish. Just don’t take any wooden nickels gettin’ balled up hitting on all sixes. Other 1920s slang.

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