A bling to the past

Hey, look. I kinda wrote a review, sort of.

It is a review of the Zelda limited edition DS Lite. It is about what you’d expect: a wholly meaningless piece of commentary about the color gold. Right-o. Well, at least I have formal art training on my side? Er, yeah.

Anyway, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time: my DS is in really terrible shape, what with me being the go-to guy for DS reviews these past three years. I treat my consoles like they were precious babies, but most babies don’t suffer through three iterations of Elite Beat Agents and those stupid Lost in Blue games — amounting to the poor thing’s inevitable doom. (I don’t get to keep it as my own, of course, but I will be using it for my DS reviews and previews for as long as I work at 1UP. And, uh, maybe using physical force against anyone who touches it.)

10 thoughts on “A bling to the past

  1. It’s pretty awesome. I have one of those special Pokemon ones from the Nintendo Store in New York. I don’t really like it but I won it and apparently it’s pretty hard to find.

  2. Hate to nitpick, but the bundle’s actually available at a few more places than EB/GameStop. I know Sears is getting it, and so is GameCrazy.

  3. I also forgot to add in my post that this is the worst type of temptation I could have. I’ve already got TWO DSs that I’m not getting rid of, but come on, it’s the freaking Triforce.

    Hey, can I borrow $150?

  4. Did anyone handle the FFIII DS that came out in Japan? I would have bought a Lite for that. Though this Zelda DS may finally get me to rebuy a DS after I sold off my old brick system many moons ago.

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