Catch the fish

I finally let myself give in to my curiosity and tried my hand at an after-hours Rock Band session. Since I have no sense of timing and no ability whatsoever to play anything even slightly resembling a musical instrument, I had to do the vocals. Which was painful for everyone… especially when I somehow nailed the high notes in “Tom Sawyer” perfectly. I don’t think I’ll have a voice for the next week or so.

I might actually be the only person at 1UP who doesn’t have any sort of musical training or talent. It’s kind of depressing! The closest I ever came to taking lessons was… well.

Yeah. I used it just enough to discover that computerized lessons are no substitute for an actual teacher. So, I suppose I will be sitting on the sidelines for the coming Rock Band frenzy, watching regretfully as everyone else ROCKS THE HELL OUT WOOO m/

Edit: Huh, I just noticed that GameSetWatch linked here… for musical reasons. Is that irony? I can’t tell. Anyway, if you are linking in I encourage you to check out GameSpite Issue 1. It’s quality!

10 thoughts on “Catch the fish

  1. I have two miracle keyboards, and I still haven’t gotten past the fifth lesson. Some day, some day…

  2. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to resist saying, “A SALESMAN!” while singing Tom Sawyer. (Yes, I know it’s a different song, but it makes me giggle.)

  3. After the West Side Story/Mario mashup on the 1up show, I’d never have guessed that your only music training was the Miracle — maybe you’d done some singing in a few high school musicals, was my thinking.

    Also, for some reason I can’t imagine Shane Bettenhausen as a trained musician. Although I’m sure he’d tell you he’s THE best zither players in the office and the secret best key ever is Bflat Minor or something.

  4. Mr. Parish, if you wish to play Rock Band, then I say play! Just do it when nobody’s around if you’re embarrassed, then when you’re awesome, wow them with your awesome skills.=

  5. Answering a vaguely-worded classified ad, I bought my NES from a sketchy Russian man, whose apartment was floor-to-ceiling video game merchandise. My father and I had to step over a literal pyramid of boxed Miracle pianos to get to the room with the “refurbished” NES consoles. Not quite understanding what was going on there, I vowed to “be like that guy” when I grew up.

  6. My poor parents.

    They bought me that monstrosity (Miracle) for some gift-giving occasion when I was a kid. I’m sure I barely used it.

  7. Wait, wait, wait… You have no musical training of any sort, but you a) did the “I just met a game named Mari-o” and, b) hit the high note in “Tom Sawyer”? I think you’re a prodigy, dude.

  8. Absolutely – anyone who can channel Geddy Lee is tops in my book!
    And if you can’t sing or play bass-tar (why does the bass have 5 buttons, too??? (shut up, Korn “fans”)),
    try your hand at the drumkit! Neil Peart will love your for it.

  9. I had one of those but I never did the lessons, just played the stupid game they put in the program where ducks scrolled across a line of music like animated notes and when you played them they exploded.

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