Spring cleaning (in autumn)

It’s that time of year again — the time when I take a look at my shelves and realize I own too much crap. Way too much, really. I’m clearing things out and taking a vow not to let it clog up like this ever again. Anyway, this means I have a stack of things to sell that I thought I’d list here before dealing with eBay. Two stacks, actually! Today is just the first one, the one in this here photo:

If something catches your eye, drop me a line at toastyfrog@gmail.com. We can work out shipping or whatever.

I suppose this is one way to monetize the site… but not a very effective one. Whatever. The list of crap I want to get rid of is behind the link below.

Also, I’ve reproduced the Retronauts “sorry we didn’t make a podcast this week” Metal Storm blog in GameSpite form. You don’t need to read this if you’ve already perused the 1UP blog, though.

Manga! Manga!

Sgt. Frog – Vol.1-11: $60
Lupin III World’s Most Wanted – Vol. 1-9: $50
Intron Depot (Masamune Shirow) – Vol. 3 & 4: $30
Superman Dailies 1939/Sundays 1939: $20
White Ninja Comics Vol. 1-5: $20


Steamboy/Memories box: $20
Terminator 3, Star Trek X, Mission Impossible, Signs, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: $4/ea.
Terminator 2 in tin, Superman, Superman II, X-Men 2: $4/ea.
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey awesome combo pack: $8


Black (Xbox): $10
Just Cause (X360): $20

20 thoughts on “Spring cleaning (in autumn)

  1. I’d take Talladega Nights, but I already have a copy on DVD. You don’t like movies that make fun of NASCAR lovers?

  2. Oh, also, please use email if you’re interested in anything… not the comments.

    Will Ferrell is incredibly hit-or-miss and what little I’ve seen of Talledega is very miss.

  3. Is the Talladega Nights the unrated version? True, if you can take or leave Will Ferrell it probably won’t matter much, but the uncut version murders the momentum of certain segments and leaves them bleeding in the street.

  4. It wasn’t so much commitment as it was me buying the volumes as they came out and reading them in chunks. After I read the last chunk (say… four? five volumes?) I realized, wow, this is going nowhere.

  5. You know what’s awesome about living in a country where firecrackers are not illegal or controlled by the government? It means giving Talladega Nights what it deserves.

    I have blown up so many things I hate, it’s not even funny. One of the most memorable was an original indigo GBA with no backlight. It literally disintegrated in a blaze of glory.

  6. What’s that Zelda book on the pile? I don’t recognize it.

    (Also, I apologize for not having money right now, or I’d take you up on Cagliostro and the Bill & Ted set in a heartbeat.)

  7. The Zelda book is a series encyclopedia that was published by some UK magazine. I’m not really sure why I have it.

  8. Not to beat a dead horse, but that Will Farell movie could hurt your elitist bastard cred. Please don’t show us your post-millenium Ben Stiller collection. I just remembered, that came with your PS3, right? Good times. Jumanji/Lost in Spase/Basic Instinct came with my old DVD player, so I can empathize.

  9. Ditchin’ that Blade Runner DC in favor of the REAL DC coming this December? I know I’ll have a steel briefcase full of awesome Blade Runner associated crap in my flat come December!

  10. Oh man, banging my head on my desk right now for being too late to snag all the UY movies. I’ve been wanting those for a decent price. Alas.

  11. Even though I don’t have an NES, I keep a short list of carts on hand in case anyone wants to play the games that have “stuck with me” all these years. It is:

    Battletoads, Pac-Man, Klax, Mendel Palace, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, and *drumroll* Metal Storm.

    I liked it enough to beg for it when I was a kid, but conceptually the levels are excellent even now. And the art design, full of those parallax backgrounds and large, solid-color robotic enemies that really seem like robots — wholly different from Mega Man’s “robo-shrimp and robo-fish and robots with cute anime eyes”.

    Kirin: The UY movies all kinda suck except for the first 2. Keep purchasing the TV show — it’s way more fun until you get up to like volume 42.

  12. Yeah, Talledega Nights was forced upon me… the price of early ownership. High School Girls I picked up on the cheap upon the recommendation of someone I trust implicitly… and it’s actually really funny. But it’s nothing I will ever read again.

  13. wumpwoast: I’ve seen all the UY movies and know exactly what I’d be in for. It’s mostly nostalgia talking – UY was my first generally un-edited anime obsession back like 15 years ago. (Feeling old now.)

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