28 thoughts on “TGS Backwash: Good! Taste!! (or not)

  1. That must be Dr. Pepper, cuz Diet Dr. Pepper don’t shake…

    Oh God, I’m a horrible human being!

  2. “Excuse me, miss, but that’s my Dr. Pepper in your bosom. I’ll just reach in and grab it…*SLAP* The Dr. Pepper! I’ll reach in and grab the Dr. Pepper!”

  3. Japan makes me sad when they don’t show cute super deformed people. It’s as if all those bitter old bastards who don’t like cuteness because it’s not the way of assertive (whatever the fuck that means) people.

  4. It speaks volumes that the Japanese Dr. Pepper homepage they list on the dogtags up there is “http://www.drpp.jp”, doesn’t it?

  5. Hey, its designed by that guy who did Dead Leaves and episode 5 of FLCL, right? Dead Leaves sucked so bad.

  6. Good! Taste!! isn’t exactly the first thought that comes to mind when seeing this image.

  7. Is the phrase “Good Taste” inexorably connected to beverages in Japan, because on my desk I’ve got a milkshake can with a prepubescent Um-Jammer Lammy yelling:


  8. 1) Dead Leaves Rocked all kinds of awesome and 2) that womans tongue looks sorta…Pointy? Small? Misshapen? I think it does.

  9. Why does the bottle in her uh… cleavage look like a ketchup bottle?
    Also is the GOOD! TASTE!! supposed to be ironic?

  10. I’m pretty sure the text in the lower right says something about a blend of over 20 different fruit flavors being the secret of dr. pepper’s taste… I thought it was just prunes and fizzy.

  11. Funny, I was just drinking some Dr. Pepper yesterday and wondering what Japan would do with it. Turns out my guess was way off.

  12. If you check out the web page, there is another woman who is pulling a gun out of there. What makes it worse is that it is a handgun with a Dr Pepper bottle sticking out of the magazine/handle at an odd angle, so that even if it was concealed in there, 1 16/20 ounce bottle of Dr. Pepper would be jutting out of the cleavage. The only other explanation would be she is squirting the area with Dr. Pepper.

    I spend way too much time with a number of younger women who regularly store their cell phones/cigarettes/lighters in there, some of them with room to spare. I am simultaneously enthralled and horrified.

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