9 thoughts on “Clubbing you with fun

  1. I never really noticed before, but that look in Mario’s eye makes him look completely insane.

  2. Wow, Mario is so crosseyed.

    I don’t know what the thing about Mario 3 is (Smario as the kids like to call it these days), back then I’d rather play Batman or River City Ranson, or Baseball Stars, or GOAL!, those were better games. And how come no one admits Platoon is the most awesome Sunsoft game ever? Well, it is. And Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom, wow, I actually used to own that game, it’s an unfairly forgotten and little talked about work of genius. Also Kicke Cubicle (awesome huge boss fights) and the unfairly hated Hydlide (which is basicaly Ys with faster gameplay, I loved this game and the end was great if a little abrupt due to the lack of a more developed storyline within the game, but back in the day we wanted to play not to secretly lust after pretty white haired boys and their traumas).

  3. One thing has always bugged me – why Mario 3 has that annoying blue bar on the left side of the screen? I remember noticing it when I played it back then and always annoyed me, and I always wondered why Nintendo had decided to release the game with such an obvious flaw… I guess it had to do something with the format of the TV (not all TVs would display that bar) but I have never known for sure… Luckily now I can ask a dozen strangers about it thanks to the interwebs!

    So, uh, anybody knows why that bar is there?

  4. I always thought that the blue bar was the cartridge degrading. I never noticed it back when I first played it as a kid and when I repurchased recently I thought to myself, “Man, what is up with that blue bar?” Now that I notice it on the screens of the Retro Roundup, I’m perplexed as well.

    If I remember correctly, the NES/Famicom’s display ratio was unusual compared to the standard ratio used all the ‘box’ TVs. Maybe that has something to do with it.

  5. You people are insane. I never saw any blue bar (even though I had my NES hooked up to one of those big Hitachi TV/Monitor things from the 80’s, but still, not even on Nestop… oh, sorry, virtual console).

  6. Insane I may be. But if you look at the screenshots provided at the Retro Roundup, you’ll see a bar of monotone color (mostly blue) on the very left side.

    But what do I know. For all you care I’ve been in the hat factory for too long.

  7. Urgh, sorry. I snapped too hard on that last post. Just trust me, the colored bar is there.

  8. I have also seen this blue bar. I first noticed it when I hooked my NES up to my then new TV in 2000.

    (I wrote more than this twice, but somehow my method of writing is interpreted as spam, so I’m giving up.)

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