Round ’em up, head ’em out, move ’em on

Your weekly release columns are ready for your perusual.

Please to read. Although I guess you don’t need encouragement. The general consensus on these columns last week was that everyone likes them, even those who aren’t personally interested in buying anything. Personally, I find them enlightening — I’d never have known that Phoenix was made into an anime, for instance, or that it’s actually been localized for the U.S. That is rad. On a related note, you may have noticed that I haven’t been promoting any reader-created content lately — it hasn’t gone away, though. I’m regrouping and taking a different approach to presenting it (and turning the main page back into a blog). Expect to see the results of this diligent labor soon. Yes.

P.S.: We have another Retronauts recording session scheduled for tomorrow. However, I do not guarantee that it will go up this week. I’m about to install Leopard on my MacBook and it could very well end in tears. Wish me luck….

11 thoughts on “Round ’em up, head ’em out, move ’em on

  1. Good luck! I read it’s supposed to be Mario, a highly anticipated Retronauts, indeed. I just worry it could end up being 3 hours long.

  2. Good luck on Leopard. OS updates can be a bad time. Make sure you back up.

    Looking forward to Retronauts. Even with it’s sporadic schedule it’s still the best retro podcast out there.

  3. I’m looking forward to the next Retronauts, so… In the horribly modulated voice of the SNES General Pepper… “Good luck!!!”

  4. Kurtz said Leopard installs okay.

    What’s wrong with Zach Braff, anyway? I thought he was cool with the kids.

  5. Whenever people refer to Scott Kurtz as simply “Kurtz” I instantly flash to Apocalypse Now.

  6. I’ll be watching here to see how the Leopard upgrade goes. We have a Leopard/Parallels/XP bundle en route… Good luck to us all!

  7. “Whenever people refer to Scott Kurtz as simply “Kurtz” I instantly flash to Apocalypse Now.”

    I flashback to the book it’s based on, Heart of Darkness, one of the most excruciatingly boring things I’ve ever read. In that respect, it’s otherwise creatively liberal film adaptation is surprisingly faithful.

  8. As someone who majored in English, I don’t know that I’d say Heart of Darkness was excruciatingly boring, but it was extraordinarily boring.

  9. Of all that stuff all I care about is the complete Angel box thing because it’s awesome. And Spike, oh my God, I’m so fucking gay for Spike I think I’m a generic sitcom character sometimes. Scrubs is alright sometimes, only when that idiot Dr. Dorian tells the cute blonde girl that he loves her and that they aren’t just sex partners, or whatever.

  10. Actually it’s worth noting that a lot of people consider Apocalypse Now! a classic. The first half the film isn’t all that bad; I like the smell of napalm as much as the next guy, but the second half is a meandering mess that will drive you to an insanity far worse then Kurtz’s.

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