So, with the addition of R5-F7 (yellow-detailed Y-Wing fighter droid), R4-M6 (Mace Windu’s hilariously purple droid) and R4-K5 (young Darth Vader’s even more hilariously “dark” replacement for R2-D2 — the Nathan Spencer of robots!) I think my astromech fleet is once again up to date.

Yes, it’s a sickness. I don’t need to be reminded.

34 thoughts on “Astro(mech)boy

  1. “Come on Parish, where’s the original 1978 R2? (unless I’m just not seeing it)”

    ^whoops, ’twas I.

  2. I only buy one of each individual droid, because who need a billion R2-D2s? (OK, so I have two R2s.) And I’m skipping the original Kenner droids because they sucked. Also, please bear in mind that this collection has accumulated slowly and almost accidentally over the course of about nine years.

  3. Indeed I do, which means my collection is saving lives. It (she?) is in the back row, first from the left.

  4. I have a few similar collections that have built up over many a year, but now look as though I’m obsessed. Good to know I’m not alone.

  5. I can’t see any of the pictures you post in your daily blogs. Whats up with that? Are they gif or jpeg format?

  6. It’s only a sickness if you custom make little drink serving trays for them and hold imaginary parties for no one.

    An awesome sickness.

  7. Holy shit! When will these people learn to use and not Is this a part of the Interwebs is ful o’ morons phenomenon? Seriously, every post since you acquired that eponymous url has been haunted by at least one question regarding your pictures.

    You’re not a depressing nerd. I just didn’t want to sound too sycophantic when I obsequiously complimented your fine book holder.

  8. Very nice. And an army of R2s is goofy enough that it can be looked at as a bit of ironic humour, rather than sick obsession.

    (Mine’s more stealthy: all the Transformers Alternators and similarly-scaled realistic vehicle TFs, which 90% of people think are simply model cars at first glance.)

  9. All that stuff is awesome. But I would run out of California beofore those turn into molten plastic in some california (very likely) pot induced arson.

  10. Your copies of Apollo’s Song and Ode to Kirihito mark you as a man of refined tastes. Tezuka fans unite!

    By a stunning coincidence I reread Phoenix: Future just before seeing this. Just to remind myself that Phoenix really is the greatest thing ever printed.

  11. I propose a motion to post a picture of higher resolution. Just please tell me that you know the story of each unit from the package.

    Oh, and I dig the shelves as well.

  12. Nah, I’m not too likely to be affected by the fires. San Francisco is deeply urban and completely peninsular and therefore only likely to burn in the event of an earthquake, not wild brush fires.

    And yeah, the astromech collection began as a sort of goofy novelty back when it was R2 and a handful of other Phantom Menace droids, and they only actually issue two or three new ones each year. Really, it was the 12-pack last year that put it over the top.

  13. @Josh: Yeah, I apologize for being new to site and not knowing about the gamespite URL. Yeesh.

  14. I can’t wait until the day gamespite ACTUALLY has a problem displaying pictures, and Parish ignores all of us.

  15. OK, the image is now clickable to see the full resolution version in all its digital camera crappiness. Notice now that the R2-D2 in the front row is looking directly into your soul.

    Also the book on the bottom shelf is not “How to Draw Manga,” it is “How NOT to Draw Manga,” which is far more useful.

  16. You know what’s unforgivable? That anyone has failde to make a comment on the awesome fact that SLASH and other awesome 80’s guitarists are featured in Guitar Hero III and that that’s my pick for most awesome game of forever!

    It makes me feel hot blooded, check it and see, I got a fever of a hundred and three.

  17. I always thought R2-D2 was kinda phallic. And Chewbacca is also pretty disturbing. He is naked all the time for the entire original trilogy. It kinda makes you think. Also, the sarlac is kinda yonic itself, so I guess if R2-D2 had fallen into it on Episode VI that would have been pretty hilarious. One of those movie moments that make the entire audience laugh loudly.

  18. I just think it’s awesome that you have copies of Manga Manga and Dreamland Japan. Two very fine books.

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