26 thoughts on “Taking the “naught” out of “Retronauts”

  1. Wow, a new Retronauts out of nowhere AND it’s about Chrono Trigger?! I take back any and all bitching I have ever made about Retronauts. Hell, I won’t even care if Jenn’s on this one.

    This makes my shitty day so much better. Thank you, 1UP (and co-conspirators) staff!!

  2. I’ve been getting the “week late” email about VC releases too, Jeremy. It’s not just you.

  3. There’s a bit in Chrono Trigger where it threatens to turn off your console? Awesome! But where? I’ve never seen it.

  4. Thaeus, it’s in the programmer’s ending. (if this is what I’m thinking about. Nomura fake-restarting the console, right?) I just looked it up.

  5. A summary of my thoughts as I read this entry:

    “A Dragon Warrior reference! Cute! Hey, it’s Retronauts, not too shabby! Oh, that’s… Chrono Trigger in the link. This is a bad omen. But at least they’re not talking about Castlevania again, right? … Oh, wait, they are. Rondo of Blood. Well, we could do worse I suppose. Let’s see, no way I’m listening to all of this, so I’ll slide the bar around and see what comes outta the speakers… Okay, Virtual Console stuff, cool, but this stuff’s old news to me… Okay, now they’re getting to the Chrono talk. I’m gonna guess they’re gonna spend the duration slobbering all over it. Maybe something interesting will be said any my opinion of the game might change (but probably not)… Talking about the story – I’m having a hard time trying to remember it, and listening to talk about it is about a boring as sitting through a Chrono Trigger replay… ‘Christ-figure’, huh? Glad I didn’t hear what preceded that… Naming all the characters Lavos might be the best idea I’ve heard in a while, though… Moving the tab along, ‘Evangelizing Chrono Trigger?’ Once again, glad I didn’t hear what came before that… And appeared to be some Bionic Commando talk toward the end there, but I don’t care enough to find out!”

    So, one of the best podcasts to date!

  6. I loved the mini discussion on Black Tiger – my favourite arcade game from sweaty 80s arcades. Where’s retronauts Black Tiger?

  7. Wow. I have heard tales of the atrociousness of the 1up boards. Seeing it unfold before me was like watching a time-lapse film of the decay of a dead animal. God Bless Talking Time.

  8. Yeah it was actually pretty obnoxious of you to revive that topic. Come on, basic message board etiquette: If an antagonistic thread has been dormant for half a year, don’t stir it up again. But I guess it’s my fault for linking to it.

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