Learning to let go

The Internet never ceases to amaze me.

For instance, you might think that 18 months is an unhealthily long time to be nursing a grudge over some random stranger’s opinion about a video game. But that is because you are mentally balanced, emotionally healthy and don’t really belong online, you see.

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  2. Is there supposed to be some kind of context which gives meaning to this, or is it just for those who’ve experienced, uh, whatever?

  3. Clearly whatever incarnation of Ghouls and Ghosts that is still rocks hard and you’re a moron for thinking otherwise. It’s plain to see.

  4. Of course, Parish hates 2D games! It all makes sense now! That’s why he used to have a site dedicated to them!

  5. I personally agree with my own assertion that nobody gives two fucks what your circle jerk at NeoGaf thinks! If you’re going to insult someone, at least have the common decency to spell their properly.

    Also, your link requires registration, which is ten levels of failure in and of itself.

  6. Well, at least we can all agree that Chrono Trigger is awesome without devolving into a stupid battle of “that’s, like, your OPINION, maaaan” jackoffery.

    Assuming there actually are people who hate Chrono Trigger, keep it to yourself.

  7. Not only that, if you do try to register to use their forums, you can’t use a free e-mail account (hope you’ve got a university e-mail or are an AOL member, gmail is for rapscallions and scalawags!), you have to pass an annoyingly finnicky CAPTCHA, activate your account from your e-mail address, then wait for wait for a moderator to approve your account before you can even look at the forums. I’m not even sure what the moderator looks for in the account registration information, since every account will have a paid, working email address and will have passed the CAPTCHA. Is your user name GAFtarded enough?

  8. I’m curious as to what was specifically said. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself now. I get the feeling that actually reading it would just make me sad.
    Anyway, Chrono Trigger is indeed totally awesome and anyone who disagrees is probably a communist.

  9. Oh, don’t worry, some dude over there was ranting about how Chrono Trigger is crap compared to Xenogears. I love that place, really I do. It’s so predictable in its pig-headed banality.

  10. “Oh, don’t worry, some dude over there was ranting about how Chrono Trigger is crap compared to Xenogears.”

    Do such people really exist? The only things I got out of Xenogears were a further appreciation for Mitsuda’s talents and a migraine headache from the two hour cutscene.

  11. Here is a better link: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=113764

    Just to clear the air, I am posting this for your enjoyment, not to criticize Parish (sorry for the misspelling earlier). Paul le Fou asked for an explanation so I was trying to give one. I have been reading Parish’s content (or Toasty’s content or whatever) for roughly 5 years.

    Nice responses djSyndrome and Molten Boron, the internet is serious business.

  12. I’m not really a big fan of having blogs count against you professionally. Whether or not 1up links this site doesn’t make much of a difference. Parish is a person (robot?) outside of the workplace too. Does ZD pay its reviewers to express their opinions or not?

  13. So where do I sign up for a refund of the eight IQ points I lost while perusing that thread?

  14. See, dude, that’s why the only messageboard on the whole damn internet I spend any time on is the one here. You know, because it’s not populated with half-retarded fuckwits. What I don’t get is why people even look at GAF. It just kills braincells, like my man djSyndrome said.

  15. Oh, for a moment there I thought you were talking about me. Well, I know I have never been that important. :(

  16. I always forget to post my “name.” Usually it refuses to let me proceed with that. Sorry, that was I.

  17. lol, it seems like you let Neogaf really get to your head(don’t let it). You’re not just a random person, you’re a 1up editor :)

  18. Nah, this is the equivalent of me blinking in surprise at what I’ve read before leaning over to the person sitting next to me to say, “Hey, wanna hear something funny?” I can guarantee that I have lost no sleep or peace of mind about this. I mean, come on — this is about video games.

  19. Someone really should turn that into a PowerPoint presentation about how Parish is “teh biased”. Bulleted lists and all. It could be hysterical.

  20. Parish is popular because of stuff he wrote 10 years ago, like the “Ignorant White Guy Chronicles” and the “religion in video games” thing. It’s like Zeroes Unlimited, it reminds us of a more… different time, of Emulation sk33n3 website flame wars and Nesticle.

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