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I’m trying to wrangle these weekly release columns into a regular schedule. Here is a start! They are all available at once. Please refer to the ones you find most relevant to yourself. If that is all three, all the better.

Also, I’m curious. My site tracker is sort of terrible and has differentiating between pages more specific than “front page” and “not front page,” so I can’t dig up precise info on which articles are most popular. Do you find these columns valuable? Would other kinds of columns be equally or more useful? Please to comment, if you would be so kind.

34 thoughts on “Catch and release lists

  1. I love the weekly games column. It really seems like a labor of love from all involved, it’s informative, AND it’s funny.

    But really, I personally read the weekly DVD article and anything that goes up that’s on the VC. Other than that, I usually get around to reading all the articles, just not right away.

  2. Ok, so the comment without my name didn’t even post. *SIGH*

    So what I was was that I find them extremely helpful, these column things. Without them, I had no real way of knowing what new anime/movies/games were coming out unless I had already been interested in them or following them to begin with.

  3. I love ’em and they usually filter out/make fun of the crap that’s coming out as well.

  4. Brandon is reibeatall! I knew it!

    *ahem* I love all this columns. Even the anime one, and I pretty much don’t watch anime. The way I see it, it’s more stuff for me to read at work, and that’s just swell.

  5. The good news is that I enjoyed the game writeup, especially since there are many games this week that have my attention.

    The bad news is that I’m the kind of person who still thinks that those Wiki jokes are clever. Give me a few more weeks.

  6. Maybe I’m just a negative Neddy, but I worry about the guys doing the release columns. I’m afraid of it becoming a sort of obligation for them instead of something they do for fun. Plus I don’t know how much time it’s expending that they might want to use creating other content for the site. I could be projecting, but I wouldn’t want these guys to feel they’re tied down the the release updates at the expense of doing something else they’d rather write.

  7. I definitely enjoy and use the three release columns.

    The type of column that I would find MOST useful would be a game-news aggregation in the way Error Macro used to do it… but it takes an insane mind.

  8. May I recommend possibly using google analytics? It’s free and it does provide page by page analysis. Just stick it in your header or footer.

  9. I too enjoy all the columns.

    Would other columns be useful? Perhaps a manga one, because most manga is crap, and I hate buying crap.

  10. Fido wasn’t a direct to DVD title. It was a quick flop in art house theaters THEN sent to find some cult following on home theaters. If not for Billy Connelly, I don’t know if I would care. But Lord do I!

  11. Lumber Baron: Speaking for me, I think it’s still a lot of fun. If it stopped being fun I might reconsider, but my day job and freelancing doesn’t give me much room to be wantonly dismissive and snarky, so I don’t see that happening soon. And since I can’t seem to find a good block of time to write a full article about something else, this gives me something to do for the site, so yay for that.

  12. Maybe a weekly/monthly/wheneverly music update would work? I dunno.

    As it is, I think it all works fine.

  13. I’ve always tried to make it clear to the columnists that they’re welcome to take a week off, or simply call it quits. They’re under no obligations!

  14. Oh my God. Mr. Brooks has to be the most sorry attempt at the “cool, not molested when little, totally unreal” serial killer. I wonder if they will ever write the novel when Dexter’s dad fucks him up the ass when his jsut five while little Hannibal Lecter is forced to butt fuck him by a pedopohile russian pornographer in exchange for crack.

  15. Oh HELL, ZX Advent is coming out this week, too? I thought it was delayed! With Phoenix and Wiki, I’ll be shelling $100 to Capcom in one go.

    Oh well. I wasn’t really hungry this week anyway.

  16. P.S. I forgot to add (though it could be inferred from my post above) these columns have helped me at this very moment. Granted the info they conveyed also spontaneously greyed me a little, but I’m still glad to know.

  17. I read the game releases most every week and the DVDs on particularly slow days at work. I enjoy both. I might read the anime column if I liked anime, which I don’t, so it is no failing of the column itself.

    As far as new useful columns go, I have no grand ideas outside of the music idea and perhaps notable book releases. As far as useless columns go, I can come up with several ideas.

  18. Thank you everyone who said kind things about the DVD column in these here comments. Some weeks the DVD column is more fun to write than others, and it all depends on what movies are coming out and how big a pain in the ass it is to create the images. Once making snarky comments about shitty movies stops being fun, I’ll quit. Until then, please enjoy, and post in the thread!!

  19. BOO for completely ignoring the Criterion release of Malick’s “Days of Heaven.”

    And yes, Fido was not direct-to-DVD. It’s a Canadian film, which explains its limited run, and it’s more or less a zombie comedy criticizing 50s culture. And it stars Carrie-Anne Moss if you’re nerdy that way. But still… “Days of Heaven”!

  20. Yeah, I enjoy all the columns that go up. That includes the VC reviews too, as well as the completely random movie/game/whatever one of the contributors feels like writing an article about. It’s all quite good and I look forward to reading more like it in the future. Unfortunately I can’t really come up with any good article ideas (music releases or reviews perhaps?), so I’m really just more of a leech.

  21. Haha, as always, anime is the odd man out. Which is fine, different strokes and all. I will third the thought that doing this is fun and somewhat cathartic. I can’t exactly blow up at my professors or my bosses, so anime fills the spot nicely.

    I’ll probably keep doing this as long as it stays fun, like the other two columnist dudes have said.

  22. I really like the DVD column, since I don’t really follow movie releases too closely and I no longer read the sunday paper best buy/circuit city ads. THANKS DVD COLUMN GUY!

  23. I’ve been sorely tempted by the idea of doing a manga column myself, but I just don’t think I have the free time to commit to it. I’d hate to get it started and then end up only getting one up once a month or something. Heck, it took me a month to finish the *single* manga article I now have in the upcoming pipeline.

    That said, mad props to the guys who have been faithfully cranking out the existing three columns.

  24. Here’s a random project for really bored people: Find out how much it would cost to purchase everything recommended in all three articles. Just because I want to know. DO IIIIIIIT!

    That said, I definitely enjoy reading all three. There are rarely any surprises in the video game lists, because I’m so on top of such things, but I know very little about what movies and anime come out, and I especially appreciate those… Talking Time has certainly shown me lots of anime I wouldn’t have checked out otherwise that I fell in love with, so I’ll take every opportunity to be impressed again by the recommendations.

  25. The games column is quite helpful to me because I’m often not on top of when less mainstream games get released. Even though they sometimes miss one that I’m interested in (boo on missing Duck Amuck!) The DVD releases is a good read and one that I am mildly interested in. It is nice to know what is out, although I rarely make use of that information. The anime column is fairly well-written, although I rarely care about its contents, so I just skim it.

  26. ” Find out how much it would cost to purchase everything recommended in all three articles.”

    B-but the point of the columns is to help you sort out the few things actually worth buying.

  27. Well, yes, but if I bought everything that I was told was worth my money for the full weekly Gamespite experience, how much would it cost me? I dunno, it was just a random question that entered my mind… pay it no mind.

  28. I really enjoy both the DVD and game release lists. I’d love something for comics (Marvel/DC), but it would most likely be hard to have something witty to say about titles you don’t read. Comics are the only thing that comes to my mind because I buy them weekly. I suppose some people pay attention to CD releases, but not me.

  29. I love the anime and movie columns. I don’t really have had time for video games for quite some time now. Work and stuff. It would be nice to have a general animation column, not just anime though. And maybe an independant games column (because indie games are usually small and offer fast gameplay and they are everything I have time to play lately, as opposed to the hyper mega epic offerings from big companies).

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